How to wear Retro Streetwear - Vintage Brands and Colors

What is Retro Streetwear and How to Style it ? 

Retro Streetwear

What's up gang this is also a very highly requested video so by the end  you're gonna get your retro vibes and yeah... 
I'll break it down into three things and they're gonna be the brand name the colors and the fit. Obviously your boy got to go in order so we're gonna start with The brands.


For most other aesthetics you don't really need brand names to make a style work but for this one being flashing in terms of logos and shit are part of the backbone that makes this The Ford. 

Retro Streetwear Tommy

A good  example is that big ass Tommy flag you see that waving everywhere the brand was huge back then so when you wear some of their older pieces from Tommy this is not only a nostalgia trip but it gives a retro feel. You really only get the aesthetic with older pieces as newer designs don't look the same. Even just overall condition of the pieces coming to affect the older ones just have a retro vibe to them as they're generally pretty worn in so you can't really replicate the look with the newer pieces too much so yeah brand names are have a big say in the aesthetic.

Color Scheme 

Next is your color scheme so I love all black but for this look you really got to get in touch with your inner Bob Ross. Like the 90s when this look was popping there was a lot of color so in turn if you're gonna bring back the style you're gonna bring back the color along with it.

Retro Streetwear

What oh I mean like you need to add color some good colors are like oh all of them but no really don't be afraid to try some colors that don't really fit in your rotation normally. If you really want that vintage look you got to be poppin so get out there and explore lastly I'm gonna talk about the fit so generally the clothes back then weren't really too fitted as relaxed fitment was more in I guess either that or people were just a lot bigger back then or they didn't have rulers. This also makes it easier for you when you're finding vintage pieces as if they're genuinely older they're gonna generally fit a bit  bigger. ıf you find the right size and also to add since the pieces are pretty relaxed. you gotta be relaxed too.
Retro Streetwear 90s
So wrap this up I broke it down to three pieces for you Brands, Colors and Fit for brands you want to look out for those brands that have their shine in the 90s and bring it back like Tommy polo even some old adidas or Nike would look good too. Next is color you want to try some new shit out so don't be afraid to explore the color wheel lastly is fit and this one you want to be chill relaxed fit calls for a relaxed person so just relax bigger fitment was a thing back then so to complete the look you gotta bring that back. Stay Tuned!

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