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What is New Retro and Synthwave?

New Retro and Synthwave "New retro is a cultural movement to reshape and integrate aspects of the 80s such as culture, ideas and vibe in today's society."Newretro is kind of music, clothing, illustration and general art movement.The music section of this movement; It is the result of blending 80's club musics with new drops and beats. This music style is usually called; Synthwave, New Retro Wave, Synthpop and Outrun. Leading artists of music style; New Retro Wave, Travor Something, Kavinsky, Miami Nights 1984 etc .. The overall appearance of this music style is based on electronic music. But it is sometimes inspired by pop and rock music.The illustration of New Retro style is dominated by purple, pink and black colors....

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Air Force Sunglasses New Retro

How Air Force Sunglasses Get Popular The "Air Force", which became a classic among the sunglasses styling, has become more popular between sunglasses because they are used by air force pilots and its employees. It is known for its good price and top quality.  Every year, "Air Force" models meet the needs of people's sunglasses and continue to meet. Male and female models that produce Air Force UV400 lenses are used in many areas of the Air Force sunglasses used in certain areas of special production. As the Air Force pilot sunglasses, the series of sunglasses has attracted attention and has succeeded in taking their place in glasses fashion magazines. This type of glasses have always been popular and have not been allowed...

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Retro Gaming New Amiga Console

How is New Amiga Console      As you’ll no doubt already be aware, the Amiga is a family of personal computers sold from 1985 by Commodore. It was host to some of the greatest games of our childhood, including Cannon Fodder, Lemmings, Syndicate, Flashback, and many many others that we don’t have time to go through here.   Personally, it’s the Amiga 500 that we remember the most fondly. It made the jump from an 8-bit CPU to 32 bits and 7 MHz of speed, along with 512KB of RAM, support for up to 4096 colors, and an internal 3.5-inch floppy drive. Overall, the Amiga range sold approximately 6 million units, which was an amazing number for any computer...

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