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How to Style Men's Fashion Basics and How to Master on New Trends 2019

How to Master Men's Fashion Basics. The key to looking up-to-date is to build your wardrobe around these fashion staples. You will need: Well-tailored suit White button-down shirts Polo shirts and tees Cashmere V-neck sweater Updated ties Black leather dress shoes Brown loafers Black and brown belts 7 kinds of pants Sports coat or blazer Trench coat Wool or cashmere overcoat Confidence Optional: Tie bar quality pair of men's shoes Step 1. Invest in at least one well-tailored, medium-weight, single-breasted suit in black, navy, or gray; splurge on a few if you wear a suit to work. Choose a classic cut that won't go out of style, and have it professionally fitted and no polyester, please! Step 2. Get some...

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