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How To Wear and Style a White Hoodie- 3 Outfits With A White Hoodie

How To Wear and Style a White Hoodie The white hoodie not your typical piece of casual wear, but one that certainly shouldn't be overlooked. Today I'll be showing you three different ways to style the white hoodie. Slim Fit Hoodie Style Let's get into it before we get into the oven there's one thing you must know when buying the white hoodie the first thing being  the fit you want to make sure that it is fitted towards your body and then it is not big baggy and heavy. One way you can do this is when you're trying on your hoodie take two sizes. Take your regular size you wear and size down you can get away with sizing down...

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5 Most Important Streetwear Items - Must Have 2019 Essentials

What are the Most Important Streetwear Items? Today I'll be showing you my top 5 Hype Beast items. You should incorporate in your wardrobe. Let's get into it... Over the Shoulder Bags   Number one on this list is the over the shoulder bag. This is not new by any means it was popular in the late 90s and 80s and is still popular around a lot of different European countries But the hypebeasts closure is not is reinvented in more of an accessory rather than a functional piece. However It does keep its functionality and I like some of the design that they put in some of the color palette of these come out with and the great thing Is...

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How to Style Men's Fashion Basics and How to Master on New Trends 2019

How to Master Men's Fashion Basics. The key to looking up-to-date is to build your wardrobe around these fashion staples. You will need: Well-tailored suit White button-down shirts Polo shirts and tees Cashmere V-neck sweater Updated ties Black leather dress shoes Brown loafers Black and brown belts 7 kinds of pants Sports coat or blazer Trench coat Wool or cashmere overcoat Confidence Optional: Tie bar quality pair of men's shoes Step 1. Invest in at least one well-tailored, medium-weight, single-breasted suit in black, navy, or gray; splurge on a few if you wear a suit to work. Choose a classic cut that won't go out of style, and have it professionally fitted and no polyester, please! Step 2. Get some...

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