4 Ways Men Can Wear A Necklace - Streetwear Necklace

Hello and welcome. Today I'm sharing a few styling tips on how men can wear necklace.

T-shirt and Necklace


The first and simplest way is just with a t-shirt. If you're wearing a very plain sort of simple outfit t-shirt and jeans or t-shirt and shorts, for example ,one of the easiest ways to dress it up ... give it a little pizzazz and show your personality is just to throw on a necklace with the t-shirt. When you do that you want to make sure that the decorative piece of the necklace, if there is a decorative piece, like if there is a pendant, is either above the neckline or below the neckline. The only thing you don't really want is for that pendant to to break the neckline.
That's it. And if it does, it's not the end of the world.

Sweater and Necklace

The second very simple way to wear a necklace is with a sweater. And you can wear this when you have a shirt on under the sweater or not. So if you do have a shirt on under the sweater, say you have a shirt with an open collar and a v-neck sweater, you can have a necklace be on your collarbone, or you can have it hang lower. 
And if you're not wearing the shirt under the sweater, it makes it very simple.  Again you can wear the necklace on your collarbone if it's open, or if the sweater  is up high. Or you can wear it longer. Just like the t-shirt ideally if there's a  pendant you don't want that pendant crossing the line of where the shirt starts. 
It's pretty simple. 

Suits and Necklaces


The third way to wear necklace, and one of my personal Favorites, is with a suit in place of a tie. And there are a couple ways to do this. If you're wearing a shirt under your jacket one really good way is to have the necklace be up high to add an area of interest if your shirt is open. It can be sort of a big necklace or small 
but but close up here on your collarbone. Or you can wear it longer. If you are  wearing a sweater or a t-shirt under a jacket the necklace dresses it up similarly to a tie. It adds a little shine and  a little personality right there. So it's a great way to add some variety to your suits. 

Tucked in Necklace


The fourth way to wear a necklace is tucked in. A lot of men like to do this. You can tuck your necklace into anything you're wearing.  So if you're wearing a knit shirt or your standard broadcloth shirt you can you can tuck it in and just show a little bit  of chain or leather. What's nice about that is you're wearing it, and you're giving somebody something  to ask you about because they can see that you're wearing a necklace. But you're keeping a little bit of it to yourself, and so you might find people coming  up to you and saying "hey what's what necklace are you wearing? I'd love to see  it." My fifth idea for wearing a necklace is just with a bare chest. So sometimes  you're swimming or you're exercising and it's a good way to show off a bare chest or even just to add a little bit of personality and style to a bathing suit  or a beach day. It's another great way to wear necklace. 
So the long and the short of it is you too can wear a necklace, and it's not a difficult thing to do. You can even get a little advanced if you want and layer your necklaces in any of the ways that I described. You don't have to just wear one. 
It's entirely up to you. So I hope you enjoyed this video, and I'd love to see you in a necklace soon. 
Bye for now!

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