5 Most Important Streetwear Items - Must Have 2019 Essentials

What are the Most Important Streetwear Items?

Today I'll be showing you my top 5 Hype Beast items. You should incorporate in your wardrobe. Let's get into it...

Over the Shoulder Bags


Number one on this list is the over the shoulder bag. This is not new by any means it was popular in the late 90s and 80s and is still popular around a lot of different European countries But the hypebeasts closure is not is reinvented in more of an accessory rather than a functional piece. However It does keep its functionality and I like some of the design that they put in some of the color palette of these come out with and the great thing Is if you have this smaller bag you can carry? Your bare essentials you don't have to actually stuff your pockets with everything and you don't have to carry around a backpack or a duffel bag every single day. If you only need a few items, so I definitely believe guys should look into some over the shoulder bags or fanny packs but I prefer them to be called over the shoulder.

Canvas Sneakers

5 Most Important Streetwear Items Canvas Sneakers

Number 2 shouldn't come as any surprise and that is canvas sneakers. Especially the old school vans I personally like these because they they're inexpensive. They're classic and a lot of outfits that you can do go beyond your Hypebeast and streetwear style, you can go very casual office and still look amazing with this primarily Hypebeast item and the great thing is about these vans is that they're not expensive. Yeah, they got a little more expensive throughout the years when they went back in those days but still a timeless classic piece that has went into different types of cultures in fashion, which I really do like.



Number three is face masks now I'm still not a big fan of the surgical masks
I'm thinking that's a little too much, but it's very popular among Asian culture and asian-inspired hypebeast culture however I personally prefer the one that's kind of like a scarf that you can wear on top and on your neck just because it is very functional the winter months and especially in Canada well right now. It is minus
Personally like these because you kind of get that scarf action when you rock it around your neck and yet is a bit and a bit smaller fit, but it still looks like a scarf you pull it up to your face and wear It as a mask you keep your base warm there in the winter and it actually doesn't look that bad of an accessory and I seen a lot of people in instagram take very artsy pictures with it. So if you're in a cold place and you you're into that kind of thing I definitely recommend grabbing a face mask.



Number four is Flannels now flannels have always been in however. They've been seen more as like a suburban dad. Go too sure however off-white has especially brought back the flannel for the high beast coast by making them oversized and
really stylish, and I was really surprised when Scott and think flannels could be nice nice but wearing them open and with like a basic t-shirt under and jeans and like a great pair of sneakers it actually looks really good and especially if you go with your classic red and black final.
I think you can get away with it and a major surprise that the Hypebeasts came out with something actually really stylish and personal.

Pastel Colored Sweaters


Number five is pastel colored sweaters. I mean this is just a breath of fresh air in the hoodie and sweater in game because a lot of them were just done either your black gray white and bright cost. However with a lot of them new designs are coming in more pastel a lot lighter shade softer colors, and I really think it's something new that is coming to the game, and I really wanted to stay because it is different and I think it is still can be just as stylish but I'm having your bright colors a little more subtle yet effective.
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