80s Make Up Trends

80s Make-Up Trends

The 1980s was a colorful decade, and it seemed like fashion dared itself to go bold with it. Makeup was equally loud then, as bright, absolutely over-the-top looks dominated. Colorful, dramatic electric blue eyeshadow and neon pink lipsticks were mainstays in the '80s. They wore their makeup with the principle 'Go big or go home,' and they went big, didn't they? No wonder 80s makeup is here to excite still and become an inspiration in today's beauty trends.

Iconic 80s Makeup Looks

Of course, some of the first '80s makeup looks that come to mind are worn by some great icons. Of course, there's Madonna and her rebellious style — eyes and a beauty mark that defined what heavy lining was all about. Then, Cyndi Lauper, with bright, creative looks, never afraid to throw together any set of bright-hued shadows with glitter.

Perhaps the most memorable look is the power makeup of the working woman: robust, defined features and bold colors. They made not only beauty statements but solid and bold statements of personality.

80s Statement Eye Shadows

Eyeshadow in the 80s had to be brilliant, bold, and expressive with the help of electric blues, vibrant purples, and hot pinks. The colors were very often put in large proportions, over the whole eyelid up to the brow, and thus, they were vivid and full of contrast to an extraordinary degree. Usually, they also matched and mixed different shades that left lots of space for creativity and personalization. Whether for a punk rock vibe or something a bit more glam, bold eyeshadow is your essential kit tool.

The Bright Blush Fad

In the 80s, blush wasn't a hint of hue on the cheeks but more like a color statement. Bright blushes from the color families of pinks, corals, or even reds were buffed on cheeks quite lavishly in a way that, in fact, often looked almost like the apples of the cheeks up to the temples were just saturated in color. That meant being a statement, perfect to team with anything with an addition for color pop to look perfectly healthy and radiant.

The trick was to combine well but not be afraid of boldness. Neon Lipstick: An 80s Fashion Favorite No discussion of 80's make-up is complete without neon lipstick. This is when the lips get the color treatment in shocking, loud colors: neon pink, neon orange, and neon red—neon lipstick—the daintiest response to infusing color with a touch of fun. It was very versatile and went perfectly with casual and more formal looks. When it came to making a statement, neon lipstick was it.


80s Eyebrow Shapes and Styles

Eyebrows in the 80s were everywhere, from thick and bushy to skinny and super arched. The most famous thick full eyebrows would probably be of Brooke Shields. Brows in this period were often left more natural or lightly shaped to maintain fullness. And then you had the ones on the other end of the spectrum: the fragile, highly arched ones, where you could see every movement. Whichever was the style, 80s eyebrows were making a statement.

80s Makeup Icons and The Inspiration

Many of the icons from the 80s became makeup icons and, therefore, helped to influence the beauty trend for the decade. Madonna had bold eyes and red lips, whereas edgy and defiant makeup made her appearance. Princess Diana was more of the soft and distinguished look by which she could excel in the middle of all the bold trends of the time. And, of course, Boy George: his androgynous style and flamboyant makeup completely broke all rules and gender norms in fashion. They didn't follow the trends; they set them, and even today, they have left an undying touch in the beauty world.

DIY 80s Makeup: Step-by-Step Guide

Are you thinking of getting the iconic 80s look? Below is an easy step-by-step guide to do it on your own:
1. *Foundation and Concealer:* Apply full-coverage foundation to create a smooth and luminous base.
2. *Loud Eyeshadow:* Go bright with shades like blue, purple, or pink. Sweep and drag up to the brow bone as far as you like.
3. *Eyeliner:* Use a dark pencil eyeliner to frame your eyes and give a theatrical effect. Don't be scared to make it thick.
4. *Blush:* Apply a little rosy blush on the apples of the cheeks and top of them.
5. *Lips:* Apply bright pink, red, or neon lipstick.

Present-Day Interpreted 80s Makeup Trends

It was all about going bold in the 80s; today, fashion takes off some of the brash edges of those heady days. Bold eyeshadows are still very much in but are worn with tones that are balanced in appearance. Bright blush will be applied more sparingly to give a hint of color without overpowering the face. Neon lipsticks will make an appearance now and again, but usually in much subtler tones or with a glossier finish. The influence of 80s makeup is immense, but the current-day trend appears to marry these brash elements with a hint of modern-day chic.

Conclusion: The Impact of 80s Makeup on Present-Day Fashion

It was a time of hard choices and boast; ideas like thick eyebrows or neon lips beget continuous influence on beauty standards up to this very day, just as seen with modern fashion immolating in their might. In this light, it is no wonder that brands such as Newretro.Net emerged, reviving this legacy with its retro-style apparel, shoes, bags, and accessories. Be it a nostalgia trip or looking to translate oneself in one's way, the '80s have had a lasting influence on beauty and fashion.

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