80's Memorable 5 Atari Games

Best Atari Games

Atari was the newest technological toy for children of 80s. Atari image quality seems ridiculous to the younger generations, but these images had once ravaged the 80's youth.


In this game, with our bomber character, we were trying to trap enemies and kill them with our bombs. The most bitter part of the game was to bomb yourself by mistake.

Circus Charlie

In the game while riding a lion we were trying to jump from the fire through the hoops. The game was getting harder slowly.




It was a game of fighting against enemies and monsters. At the end of the episode we were trying to kill the boss and believe me it was very hard.


Double Dragon

It was a game that was played in different places by fighting against different kinds of enemies. As the episode passed, it was becomming more difficult to leave the game. At that time, this game was one of the most popular game in many gaming saloons.


Tank 1990

In this game, our aim was to protect our symbolic bird surrounded by concrete, against enemy tanks. When we destroyed all enemy tanks, we were passing the episode. By this time we were able to make our tank stronger with the gifts that we encountered on the way.



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