80s Style: The Retro Foundations of Street Style!

Hello, you radiant retro rebels! 🌌

Ever strut down the street and catch a glimpse of someone donning those iconic high-waisted jeans, or spot a teen sporting a bomber jacket with shoulder pads so big they could knock down walls? If so, pat yourself on the back because you’ve spotted it - the undeniable influence of the 1980s on today's street style.

Let's dive deep into this fluorescent ocean and decode how the 80s are making waves, yet again, on our contemporary fashion streetscape.

1. Synth and Sneakers

One cannot simply talk about the 80s without giving a nod to the synth wave that splashed across radios globally. And guess what? Our music preferences are not the only thing that got 'synthesized'. Sneakers, which danced their way into our hearts during the 80s, have made a larger-than-life comeback. Retro high-tops, anyone? They’re not just for basketball courts anymore! 🏀

2. Brighter than Your Future: Neon Everywhere

Neon was to the 80s what avocado toast is to today's millennials – omnipresent and oh-so-trendy. From hot pinks to electric blues, neon hues are now splashed across accessories, tops, and even nails. It's like someone hit the contrast button on our wardrobe, and we're living for it!

3. Denim Days are Back

Remember those denim jackets with patches of your favorite bands or slogans? Well, they’re jamming around the block again. It's denim-on-denim, and it's here to slay! Mix and match your faded jeans with dark denim jackets for that perfect 'I stole this look from an 80s music video' vibe.

4. Pop-Culture Prints & Icons

The 80s wasn't just a decade; it was a pop-culture revolution. Today, we're re-living that revolution one tee at a time. From Bowie to Ghostbusters, retro pop culture references are not just confined to our playlists but are flaunting themselves on our streetwear too.

5. Bling It On: Oversized Jewelry

If you've ever felt the weight (literally) of an oversized gold chain or those gigantic hoop earrings, you know the 80s were not about subtlety. The bigger and shinier, the better! Today, statement jewelry is back, making its presence felt (and seen) from a mile away.

6. Funky Patterns & Bold Graphics

Geometric patterns, wild animal prints, and abstract designs. The 80s was nothing if not a splash of creativity. These patterns are now gracing our shirts, skirts, and even socks. It's time to embrace the funk and let the world know that boring is not in our vocabulary.

7. Hair-raising Hairdos

While we might not be ready for the full-blown mullet or sky-high hair sprays (yet), subtle nods like scrunchies, side ponytails, and crimped locks are appearing on the streets and dance floors near us.

Wrapping it up, the 80s weren’t just a decade – they were an ethos, a vibe, a revolution! The return of its iconic street style isn't just about nostalgia; it's a testament to the timeless allure of an era where audacity met authenticity.

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Stay rad, stay retro, and keep turning heads, one neon outfit at a time! 🚀

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