90s Women Fashion How to Style 90s Trends in 2019

How was the 90s Women Trends and How to Style it in the 2019

90s Fashion

So the 90s was a pretty epic decade I must say it was a time that celebrated teenage angst mad girl power and epic rap culture. We were introduced to some of the best TV casts ever, dreamy boy bands and super thin eyebrows. But what's our favorite takeaway from the 90s? The fashion! Yes some was pretty laughable but most iconic and I feel blessed to say that in 2019 we are reviving some of these iconic fashion trends. So let's dive right into nineties fashion shall we ?

Mom Jeans

High waisted loose-fitting jeans along with oversized plaid shirts and combat boots actually became the style as we know it to be in the 90s as grunge. There was a face up until this year that mom jeans were actually considered to be very unflattering hence the term only worn by moms and not young hippie people. I think over the year we as a community have actually learned how to properly shop for high-waisted mom jeans to make them really flattering for everybody's body type. Levi's, Calvin Klein, Guess and Tommy have been some of my favorite vintage brands to find at the thrift stores and I definitely recommend if you guys want a great fitting pair of mom jeans head on over to the men's section of the thrift store and just try to find your size and men's denim. I personally shop size 28 or size 30 in the men's section and what you ideally want to look for is just a pair of denim that has a really really long fly area and that's actually what's gonna indicate how how wasted the pants are gonna be. So being that denim was so popular in the 90s I actually really wanted to talk about one more trend regarding denim and that is the whole denim on denim looks.

Denim on Denim!

Denim on Denim Fashion 90s

Do feel like  in 2018 denim on denim has finally become more accepted as something that you can wear so whether you're going to a light visa denim with maybe a darker denim jacket right on top or opposing, maybe pair of something like a light denim top with a darker denim bottom. I feel like we're gonna experiment a little bit more with the watches and the fates of the denim that we care so I'm definitely sure that I trend a lot of you have been noticing in 2018 and it's actually going into 2019 is slip dresses and everything like satin and silky. It 
may feel like it's a new thing but guys it is definitely not. So many celebrities 
like Kim Kardashian Rihanna Haley Baldwin have been rocking some amazing 
styles and looks to do with like satin and slip dresses but it's actually back in the 1990s where these were first sported and really made popular granted back then a lot of the slip dresses were  definitely worn more on fancier occasions but we're definitely gonna be seeing this being transformed into more of a day-to-day look you are somebody who's actually looking to try out the whole slip dress trend head on over to the thirst or go to the nightgown and PJ section but if slip dresses may be a bit too old for you but you still want to rock the silky and satin looks these are just two of my favorite blouses that are drifted but hmm and so are carrying so many similar items right now. I find little tops like this so feminine and so nice and definitely even though the fabric is a bit shinier you don't always have to wear it on formal occasions. Another option that I found is definitely a little bit more for those who are wild there at heart and it is a leopard print satin top again there's so many replicas of this exact top that I've seen in stores before but yes these are some examples how you can rock the whole set in trend if you don't want to wear a dress.

Plaid Bottoms

90s Plaid Bottoms

One of my ultimate things that I've been really loving from the 90s was just plaid everything and I've really been loving specifically plaid skirts. Pretty sure the plaid skirts were initially made popular when Rachel Greene wore them and friends this is a plat skirt that it drifted in Florida which like I said in the video I'm pretty sure it's a school girls uniform but either way I'm loving it the way that it's pleated it's a great way to add texture into your outfit I'm sure that a lot of you know this photo from clueless you know who are wearing the Blazer and suit jacket but it's actually in this same yellow plant prints. What's great about 2019 flag is that we are not scared to be loud and vibrant and kind of in-your-face about it so I actually picked up these plaid pants from Zara which I am obsessed with and yellow plaid is definitely something that we've been seeing a lot of in the 90s Samba that that's coming back to. Like I said we had more of a grunge vibe and a grunge look by wearing things that  were more oversized and I guess edgy but on the other hand we had many more high-fashion companies actually coming up with more feminine pieces and a big big big trend of that would sets.

Matching Sets

Matching Sets 90s Fashion Trends

This is a set that I actually drifted in guys this is definitely a look that is totally pulled out of the movie clueless and I see so many different brands recreating it for today's style. Plat sets like this are popping up in all the trendy stores like H&M; Zara and Topshop not only applied sets specifically really big trend but just generally suiting up has become a movement that is definitely coming into 2019 with a bang.Blazers and Suits In the 90s we definitely saw a lot of people wearing matching suit looks and I love this trend so much mainly because in 2018 we just had a really big  girl box movement and I feel like into 2019 that's going even bigger. So just woman kind of making it a fashion statement to wear big strong structured suits I feel like is such an iconic symbol to kind of show how  empowered women really are and I really love that that idea is coming in to 2019 
as well.

Spagetti Straps

Spagetti Straps 90s Fashion Trends

And the 90s both in grungy and classy looks we saw a lot of people exposing their shoulders with these really really thin spaghetti straps and these are seen in so many different designs whether you're wearing a crop little t-shirt or you're wearing really classy slip dresses a lot of them incorporated these really thin delicate  straps. To kind of give like a barely-there effect and I really feel like these thin little straps are gonna be a little detail that a lot more designers are going to be incorporating into their clothes. So this especially recently has been popping up a bunch when you do some research and go back into the 90s you actually see the one of the most iconic celebrity that were wearing leopard print was Kate Moss. She had a leopard print coat leopard print bikini leopard print tops. A really popular trend in the 90s as well having top so thin spaghetti  straps such as this and a lower neckline paired with the white t-shirt right under was something that a lot of celebrities we're doing back then kind of giving you more like a youthful and cutesy look to your outfit making dresses such as this a little bit more modest which kind of went with that whole very feminine vibe that they had but it's a look definitely coming back. Right now whether you layer underneath a white t-shirt or even a long-sleeve turtleneck it kind of gives off that same 90s.


Neon Wearing Clothes 90s Fashion Trends

The characters and TV shows definitely influenced the fashion in the 1990s as well and this next trend wasn't a tease trend that definitely actually went into the nineties and it is everything neon! We've seen little glimpses here and there people wearing neon in 2018 and I definitely feel like in 2019 you're gonna be seeing a lot more neon pieces  in the collections of stores and here's a little example of how I'm incorporating this trend into the year and it is by wearing this big oversized neon champion sweater it's loud it's in your face and it makes you be noticed. Which I feel like in 2019 nobody wants to be discreet. Something that was ported  a lot in the 90s with oversized jacket  and windbreakers style icons from the 90s like Aaliyah sported this trend non-stop.

Tennis Shoes


2019 we're definitely gonna be seeing a lot more of it and the first shoes that are really popular in the last year that are going strong for the next year are white simple plain tennis shoes. Instead of wearing it which is the typical pair of denim like they did in the 90s people have been sporting athletic sneakers such as this with dresses skirts. I love my Tommy Hilfiger sneakers that I got for $25 at Ross and I wear them everywhere! A little bit more wearable for an everyday kind of like I said before and the 90s grunge was like a huge huge huge thing and Doc Martin is especially where kind of like the big shoe of the movement of the 90s.We cefinitely see a lot of people kind of make a big social statement by wearing their really feminine girly dresses and skirts and edging it up by pairing it with a pair of shoes. And guys I love this trend so much because not only is it cute let's admit big shoes are much more comfortable than a pair of heels. The really strappy heels are like barely there yield and I'm waiting for the suffering and summer to rock this I've already been noticing people wearing these really dainty strappy heels I do not know how comfortable these shoes are because I'm gonna be honest it'll look so durable on your foot because they're literally held together by little strings. But when it comes to fashion I feel like they look so nice on.  

Fanny Packs

Fanny Packs 90s Fashion Trends

I bet it's up kind of dominated style in 18 let's be real and I do feel like they're 
gonna go into 20 19 not being called fanny packs but they're gonna be called 
belts bags. Whether you wear them crossbody like all the cool kids or you wear them as an  actual adult bag they're a really great accessory that will spice up any outfit.

Bucket Hats 

Bucket Hats 90s Fashion Trends

And the nineties bucket hats were definitely sported by more men specifically in the whole kind of hip-hop scene of it all but they are definitely making a comeback for 2019. And if there something I could say right now head to the thrift stores before it becomes a popular thing and grab yourself a really cute bucket hat.

Headbands Scrunchies and Hair Clips

  Headbands Scrunchies and Hair Clips 90s Fashion Trends

Some examples of popular 90s hair accessories that are back for 2019 are headbands scrunchies and hair clips. Yes for some reason this year we all want to look like little six-year-old girls. For 2019 little simple headbands are definitely something that are going to be back to style. I think it's kind of foreshadowing the fact that in the 90s like a back hair style was really popular and I feel like eventually people will get back into that. But headbands for now or where it's at. I love scrunchies honestly because they don't damage your hair and their cute little hair accessories these are all actually new I actually have a bunch already but I purchased a few new ones because you can never get enough of these right? Then this last little one I want to talk about is hair clips I do like the concept of like keeping your hair away from your face and these are a little bit more of a subtle way to do that trend for days that I feel a bit more bold I'm gonna try out these gold ones as well then this last one honestly I don't know where I'm heading with this I don't I'm actually gonna end up wearing these but these little hair clips along with butterfly clips we're Sorum innocent of the 90s and the fact that they're coming back.
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