80's Voyager

80s Voyager.. Synthwave music keeps accelerating day by day. And now an artist with known exceptional skills has joined this community, too. For those who do not know him, it would be better to introduce him a little.

80s Voyager

Who is 80s Voyager ?

Career of 80s Voyager -

His stage name is 80s Voyager. Noone knows where he is from or his real name. He is an artist who managed to get people's attention mostly by his old school synthwave style. Despite his worldwide recognition in the underground world, 80's Voyager published his first single on Spotify. The name of the track is "Voyager Pilot" We could say that this is an exciting attempt for his thousands of fans. Also there is his Instagram account where he publishes photographs from 8o's. Some of his fans also follow his work there, other than his music. As you can already guess, the artist does not share his personal photos but still it is a very esthetic page that can take you to 80's. So if you are keen or curious about 80s, you may find it very pleasing to visit it and take a look! The name of that Instagram page is @80svoyager. 

80s Voyager

Things we know about 80s Voyager

Things we know about 80's Voyager is actually very limited. What we know for sure is that he is a successful Synthwave artist and he is a big admirer of 80's. The beautiful single "Voyager Pilot" is already finding its way in Synthwave lists. If you like to listen to it, you can go and check it out by clicking here. 

It is very exciting for us to see these different and passionate artworks, especially while the Synthwave community keeps growing noticeably, day by day. We congratulate this move that 80s Voyager made and wish him continued success. You can get to his Spotify and social media accounts by the links down below. 

80s Voyager Synthwave Artist album cover night escape

80s Voyager Social Media Accounts

80's Voyager's Spotify Link:

80s Voyager's Instagram Link:


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