All about Nina Sounduk ! Mother of Synthians - Who is Nina?

Who is Nina Sounduk?

Nina, also known as Nina Boldt, is a German singer and songwriter. Since 2011, she has been working with Laura Fares, who is a singer/producer/drummer/ composer. Nina’s first single, ‘’Take me Away’’ was released in 2011 by Aztec Records. In 2018, she released her first album, Sleepwalking. The genre of her music is generally Synthwave, a sub-genre of electronic music. A nostalgic spirit is powerful in most of her songs.

Early Career and My Mistake

In 2014, the single ‘’My Mistake’’ was released. That song was important for Nina’s career because the song was included in a compilation by Hugo Boss. After that song "We Are The Wild Ones" was released, Nina Sounduk took part in the four shows of British synth pop duo Erasure in Florida. She also gave concerts in Liverpool Sound City music festival. The song was also used in a Tv series, called ‘’Being Human’’. After that, the song which was released in 2014, ‘’My Mistake’’ was used by Mercedes-Benz, in the radio and Tv commercials of the brand. My Mistake was the sixth most searched song on Shazam.


Beyond Memory and One Of Us

Next single of Nina was ‘’Beyond Memory’’. The single was produced by Richard X and Sunglasses Kid took the co-producer role for the single. The song was premiered and admired by famous music blog, Idolator. Beyond Memory was also included in the ‘’Top 10 EPs & Mixtapes of 2016’’ list of Idolator.

Her next single was ‘’One of Us’’. The lyrics were written by Nina, Laure Fares, and Oscillian. The mix of the song was made by Liam Nolan. The premiere of the song was made by PopCrush and the song reminded Madonna in the era of Like A Virgin. In that period, Nina gave concerts in Europe. The most important one was ‘’Outland’’.


Debut Album

After four singles, it was time for the first album for Nina. The name of the album was Sleepwalking released via Aztec Records in March 2018. The album was admired by almost all critics and Nina has earned the nickname ‘’The Queen of Synthwave’’ after that album. According to The Electricity Club, the album was a perfect soundtrack for West Coast night drive. In November 2018, Nina gave six concerts in the US with another synth band from Canada, Parallels. Her latest single The Calm Before The Storm was included in Adult Swim’s Synth compilation ‘’Fever Dreams.’’


The Rise of the Synths

In 2019, a documentary about Synth music was shot, named The Rise of the Synths. Nina took part in the movie with other composers of the genre. Famous director John Carpenter was narrator of the movie.

Her new album "Synthian" comes out on june 5th ! 

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