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7 Best Jacket Trends for Men Fashion 2019

Bomber Jackets

Number one on top of my list at least for the last three years it has to be the bomber jacket. Whether you're a street where a guy or just like dude that likes casual menswear, this is a jacket that needs to be in your collection. 
Spring New Retro Bomber - New Retro Streetwear Newretro.Net
Has to be your number one pick because it'll be more versatile and better for the long term versus something like a satin or a silk that's more trendy now.

Field Jackets


This role is on to number two a field Jacket. Field jackets just like the bomber it's been around for decades they're a classic and they look great across the board. But what I like about field jackets is that they offer more functionality, a lot of them have tons of pockets or if you're dude that your EDC or your everyday carry tends to be a little bit on the larger side, field jackets will probably be better for you. They also are a little bit more formal since the shoulders are structured which gives you the appearance of a nice broad v-shape and makes you look sexier.

Suede Jacket

Suede Jacket 2019

The third jacket that should be on every man's list and wardrobe is the suede jacket. Just like the bomber the suede jacket come in different designs and style. But overall a simple crops - one like this one especially in a conyak it's ultra versatile and this one is more under dressy stuff. And then more over the super soft texture and feel makes it comfortable keeps you warm and trust me when you're around girls their hands will be all over you..

Leather Jacket

Synthwave Retro 1984 Leather Jacket

Jacket Link: Synthwave Retro 1984 Leather Jacket

Number four you need to have this a leather jacket now leather jackets this is this is a must. If you're the dude that wants to look like a bad boy like super rugged 
and just and just be able to steal any guys girl, you need a biker leather jacket. The only downside was biker leather jackets that I can think of is that if you want a good one, it's gonna cost you. At least two to three hundred dollars that's on the low end, which for a lot of guys that's that's super expensive and I understand that that's why I get like I say Newretro.Net is such a great resource to have now if you haven't heard of.

Denim Jacket

Stereo Rose - New Retro Streetwear Newretro.Net

Jacket Link: Stereo Rose

Jacket number five is the denim jacket now the denim jacket it has to be one of my favorites and again you can go back to my old articles and you'll always see me rocking a denim jacket. Which is why I say time and time again these are the jackets that I always fall back to and the ones that I will 100% recommend to you because I know it they'll make you look stylish and you can wear for multiple seasons. 

Jacket with Sherpa


Number six this was a little bit more on the flamboyant side but a jacket with Sherpa but that contrast in texture between the Sherpa and the jacket itself is ultra stylish, adds a different dimension and like I said when done right it's almost effortless. You don't have to try too hard the jacket does all the talking and you look super stylish. 

Parka and Anorak

Slim Fit New Retro Young Hooded Jacket - New Retro Streetwear Newretro.Net

Number seven, I'm gonna divide these two together the parka or the anorak. Both of these are very technical, casual jackets that you can start wearing this season  as you know technical wear is super stylish, more on the streetwear end and it's something you can implement for fall and winter to show your style knowledge. Essentially it's a jacket that's cut a bit longer usually covering your butt, but will always have a hoodie, which makes it casual and great piece to have for younger dudes. So if you're in high school or in college and want a jacket that's gonna keep you warm but it's more stylish than just your regular hoodie. Then a parka or an anorak is probably something you're gonna want to look into. 
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