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How to Properly Style a Bomber Jacket

The History of Bomber Jackets

History of bomber jackets

Bomber Jackets; also known as a flight jacket is a top piece modeled after the jacket that pilots used to wear. What do pilots do? Pilots; pilot planes and what do planes do? They bomb!  That's why they're called bomber jackets! I'm gonna teach you how to properly style a bomber jacket. Im gonna break the article down into three things and they're gonna be style, fit and color. So yeah, let's drop into this.

Style : Bomber Jackets

Starting off with style the bomber jacket has adapted in many different forms over the past couple years we've got the super basic GI looking ones that you see everywhere, these are super cool but now some even have hair and there are a lot of different styles and variations of the bomber jacket nowadays. That's great, because I think that each of them can be worn in their own way. You have
different ones for different occasions. The original one is obviously the most
diverse as it's very plain and simple. You know I like to wear them with something casual like an athleisure style outfit. The plane bomber jacket can easily go with your everyday pair of black jeans and sneakers. It's a very textbook outfit but that's why there are so many different styles now, you can pick one depending on your taste. You want a more tailored, look there are slim fabric bomber jackets that look great very minimal and tailored. You want a splash of culture? The Japanese jacket is super dope these are also everywhere now. Identity crisis? You don't even have to layer a hoodie underneath the jacket anymore because some of them even come from the store like this. Main point I'm trying to make is that there are so many other styles now. So when you want to branch out from a plane bomber jacket you have so many options. As your style evolves you got a different style bomber jackets.

Fit : Bomber Jackets

Fit for the bomber jackets

Next up we got fit now bomber jackets are intended to fit boxy and a bit cropped with a tailored waist. But it's 2019 and I think beauty standards are very unrealistic. No one is born looking like an upside down like a triangle, but I think
that bomber jackets that come in all sizes should be loved as well. You know whether you're thick, extra thick, small, tall, short I love equality. Usually I roll
with a traditional fit, but a very popular one nowadays is the tailored style.
Tailored style bomber jackets
This one's easier and simpler to sell since it's on par with their body shape. You don't really have to think about proportions that much. But bombers I usually leave them open almost all the time but it's up to you. Open or close depends on the style you're going for but I'd say even if it's tailored, you should be able to close it if you wanted to. Again I respect bomber jackets of all sizes but unless you're getting a tailored one they should fit a bit oversized to exaggerate the width and proportion. It's really what makes the jacket stand out.

Color : Bomber Jacket

Color of the bomber jackets

Lastly we got colors and now bombers look especially great with earth tone
colors like green, navy and brown.  But this is a big piece of fabric it's gonna stand out that way a muted earth tone doesn't make it so loud and stand outish. But for stuff like the Japanese Bomber jacket you can definitely have fun with the scheme. Don't limit yourself to what other people like to wear. You know I don't see this one too much, but I personally think that the sea green one is dope too.
Sea green bomber jackets
I would buy it but now people are always asking where do you get them a big one that people get their stuff from is Newretro.Net but if the prices look a little expensive to you, you know there are other options like the military surplus, thrift stores. I stole one from my dad so shouts out to the US Navy. To get a free one you can just join the military. So thanks for reading the article guys.

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