Discover 10 Best Streetwear Shoes and Sneakers Trends 2021

We know that sneakers are an indispensable part of street fashion. This year, we have listed the most popular sneakers on the streets, their collaborations and the reasons why they are preferred.

In this blog we will dig Best Streetwear Shoes and Sneakers Trends 2021.

As the year 2020 brings spending time at home into our lives, we have started to prefer to wear more active sports shoes. While classic shoes were put on the shelves, sneakers took their places.

While some of the best-selling street wear shoes still continue to sell well, we've put together a great list with new ones added. In addition to some high-end brands, we can see that the street wear shoes of accessible brands are also very popular. Some of the selection criteria are comfort, while others are famous for their marginality and color.

Be sure to see out all of our Best of 2021 streetwear coverage below. While there are high-end brands such as Salomon and Balenciaga, there are also budget-friendly high quality brands such as Nike and Adidas.


The Nike Air Max 270 is undoubtedly the most popular men's street sneaker of 2021. It is a gorgeous shoe inspired by the Air Max180 and Air Max 93 models, which were previously released by Nike. It has been the shoe with the coolest sole among the sneakers Nike ever produced. Moreover, you can create your own design and color from the site and place an order. It is one of the most preferred sneakers on the streets with its stylish and simple design.


We can see a knitted Balenciaga made with Memory Sole technology on the feet of real men this year. Promising an absolute elegance with its comfort and stylish appearance, Balenciaga Black Speed is one of the most popular streetwear shoes of 2021. Their logo is on both sides and is generally a sturdy sneaker. It has soft and stretch clothing. It will be an ideal shoe choice for those who love minimalism.


Adias Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Yecheil was so in demand that it was constantly out of stock and difficult to find on the internet. Yeezy is a collection created in collaboration with Kanye West and Adidas. It even offers you a percentage discount if you want to sell it back.



B-Court sneakers with the comfort of the Balmain White 8 Black logo have the most important feature that a man should have in his wardrobe: a stylish black and white sneaker.


This shoe is called the king of the streets. Did you ask why? Because Maison Margiela Black Fusion is a sneaker produced with premium materials. Moreover, the price is somewhat more expensive than others. It has a design that really impresses with hand workmanship. The brand claims that the interesting design of the sneaker expresses the inherent freedom of the streetwear shoes. It is argued that small flaws make the streetwear shoes original, as opposed to making them bad.


The Jordan 1 Retro High, which went on sale with its Neutral gray color, was sold out in the second month it appeared on the websites. So we are talking about such a popular shoe here. It has managed to take its place at the top of the list of best-selling sneakers. It made us say hello to The OG Sneaker type designs for the first time after 1985. We are sure that the quality and the wings on the edges will give you the feeling of taking off while walking on the sidewalks.


Salomon Edition XT-6 Trekking; a sneaker that emerged as a result of the cooperation of Fumito Ganyru and Salomon and is a candidate to complement the elegance with its appearance. In addition to being really stylish, it should not go without saying that it is at the forefront with its comfort. It is also ideal for outdoor activities such as long mountain hikes and climbing. The fact that it is a luxury production guarantees that all eyes will be turned to your feet while doing sports.



Virgil Abloh's design that brings the silhouettes of 1980s Nike Basketball to the present day winking with the skateboarding culture. Blended with gold leather and dark blue layers, Nike Dunk Low is the perfect result of Nike and Off-White's great collaboration. It has a price between 170 and 200 dollars. It can be the choice of those who want to make a final touch to complement the elegance.



Finally, if you want not to exceed my budget and not to compromise on my elegance, you can choose the Vans Low Top. You can choose this timeless and simple designed shoe to catch elegance with a budget of less than 50 dollars.


Gucci Screener, produced by Gucci with a vintage theme, is exactly the 1970s design. Besides being a marginal piece that does not appeal to everyone, it is one of the rare pieces of Italian craftsmanship. We have no doubt that all eyes will be turned to men wearing the GG logos on the front.

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