GTA Cheat Coder Ordered to Pay $200.000 - Cheater Lawsuit

GTA 5 Cheater Will Be Punished

Those who follow GTA 5 know that there is a paid cheat program called Elusive. Players who use this cheat program are in a much stronger position than players who don't. Many players decided to quit the GTA 5. Because of this and such decisions. Rockstar Games has sued the creator of the Elusive cheat.

Jhonny Perez has been ordered to pay $160,000 USD in damages and $70,869 USD in attorney fees. 

The Elusive maker supposedly disregarded Take-Two's copyright, disturbed ongoing interaction adjusting for clients, irradicated the requirement for its in-diversion buy show and made a negative gaming knowledge for veritable clients. 

Perez sold his cheat to his customers for $ 15 and $ 30. Thanks to this trick, the players were able to buy items that takes too much time to buy. Take-Two company; says the trick was the $ 500,000 damage to his games.

GTA 5 lawsuit cheater perez

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