Hip-Hop and Street Culture

What does the Hip-hop concept mean?

There are probably images associated with the glamorous houses and cars of the popular singers. This is usually the sense of hip hop shown to the world. But hip-hop is an organization that supports the equality of the world.

Hip- Hop and Street
Infrastructure and starting point of hip-hop culture

Hip-hop defends peace and equality with its story and its underlying philosophy. It presents humanity with peaceful principles and develops consciousness about them. In this respect, Hip-Hop is not a concept that represents the genres of music it takes into consideration. it is a discipline that is fed from many different fields as a culture in itself.

There is a manifesto titled Hip-Hop Peace Declaration 18 and this manifesto sets out the world view of the Hip-Hop culture.

Among the people who have contributed to the emergence of this statement; KRS One, Pop Master Fabel, African Bambaataa, Ralph Mc Daniels and Harry Allen are some of the legendary names from the Hip-Hop world.

Considering the dominance of the world culture industry over the masses, it can be said that the principles of this declaration are not known. However, this statement is the building block of this area. it is a necessity that people who consider themselves in the Hip-Hop culture have access to these principles and adopt principles. What do the principles of this paper provide? Let's try to summarize:



Principles of Hip Hop

The first principle is that Hip-Hop is a term that determines our independent collective consciousness. Continuously developing, Breakin, Emceein, graffiti art, Deejayin, Beatboxin, street fashion, street language, street information and street entrepreneurship elements are expressed and fed by such fields.

The second principle is; Yap Hip Hop farklılık respects the differences of life and does not discriminate.

The fourth title, an important title of the paper. Emphasizes that ular Hip-Hop un acts by considering society and new generations. The ir Hip-Hop Community gençler recognizes the rights of children, the elderly, young people and women and supports them to make their voices heard.

Another important principle of the Hip Hop Peace Declaration is the seventh principle. This principle also suggests that the essence of c Hip-Hop “is far beyond fun. Bilir Hip-Hop elements Hop can be processed for money, honor, power, respect, food, shelter, information and other resources. However, ın Hip-Hop ild and ”Hip-Hop culture Ancak are not for sale or for purchase. Nowhere and no change can be made and exchanged for a response. Hip-Hop cannot be marketed as a product.

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