How to Color Blocking Outfits - Color Block for 2019 Streetwear Fashion

Color Blocking 


We will divide this subject into two separate headings. First Contrast and second Tone;


Let's just get into it okay, so for contrast it's a lot of personal choice but for some good info I'll pull up some fixes break it down so for the first one is real basic this is your gold white tea with dark denim.
Gold tee with white denim
This is because both works well with a white t-shirt and that is due to the fact that it's color blocks well. So with the combo I like to go with white sneakers personally because it has to fit together but you know you can go with old schools or just some you know black and white shoe doesn't really matter too much. Just keep it simple, but this combo is probably go to because you don't need any flashy brands or graphics to pull it off as a very minimalistic vibe but it does show that you know you're doing dress wise.
Color Blocking
You don't need to put too much effort into putting this together because it's just dead as a white pea with dark jeans don't think about it too much. Some people put this together inadvertently because that simple but people overlook the fact that they're actually color blocking so the next combo is what you see a lot and it's a light walk for the desktop. Now this combo works well because it contrasts with each other very well just like the first one I'll get the tone in a bit just bear with me okay? So this combo works well with white sneakers as well. You know white sneakers go with everything. On the rails do besides that's a white contrast level with a shirt kind of ties everything together you know black light wash and white everything just works well. You can get away with throwing this fit on too because the colors work well and it looks like you know you're doing. Even though you don't know what you're doing.


Color Bloaking Models
So tone is similar to contrast it's like the subtle part of contrasting so I was on the first couple pages I mentioned a white tee was dark denim rather than just black. I said dark denim because you could also opt for raw denim or just dark blue denim you know. This is because raw denim is also in the field of dark and that contrasts with white so that's why tone plays a factor in your fit. Another example is with the dark shirts and light wash denim. You can also offer great denim even though it's not the same color as a light wash the tone of this gray denim usually when I'm saying very denim I mean the light gray denim. The tone is still in contrast with the black shirt so you aren't getting that now even though the colors on the color wheel don't contrast the tone is enough to make the outfit work well. So you got to pay attention to both factors if you want to clean fit.


So to wrap this up color blocking is very overlooked and I'm open up your third eye to this. Contrasting is the first partition and so the contrast you can see how the pieces contrast with each other it's been asked that simple but people overlook it because they want to match the Primo goes with the off-white jeans like you can just throw on a white tee with denim. Tone works well with contrast too. It's kind of like small details like a like if like it makes you look like you know what you're doing even more. 
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