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Affordable Streetwear is Possible !

Unlike most fashion-lovers think; Streetwear is not a fashion that appeared suddenly. Streetwear's history dates back to the 1970s. Surfers and Hip-Hop lovers who lived at that time made the beginning of this movement.


For many years this flow has continued to live in underground cultures without being known. It was usually preferred in ghettos and was made by combining cheap clothes.

But after 2000s, world famous brands (Supreme, A Bathing Ape, Stüssy etc.) have made this market a luxury. They started advertising their products on famous fashion icons (Kendell Janner, Justin Bieber etc.). Thus, the products became very famous.



Later on Streetwear

However, as a result of the increase in advertising costs and demand, these firms have increased their prices in an incredible way. Currently streetwear has reached a level that can be called the luxury clothing stream.
Is this going to continue? Yes, this will probably continue for a while.
In our opinion, is this situation ethical? Yes, it can be called ethical, because according to the open market laws, companies are free to determine the supply prices themselves.



What do we think?

However, we do not think that the streetwear flow is correct in this way. The streetwear current is not just about 3 brands. The streetwear stream is not a stream that can only be obtained by paying very high sums. For this reason, we have established Newretro.Net . We sell streetwear products at acceptable prices and try to keep this current.

But again, you don't have to buy products from a website. The best thing about Streetwear is that you can make a great mix of streetwear clothes from your old wardrobe. In fact, even you can create cool streetwear combines from your brother, your sister or your parents' old clothes.


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