How to Pick Best Belts for Your Outfit ? Easy Belt Guide for Everyone

Belts, when chosen properly an amazing way to add a stylish finishing touch to a great outfit. acool coordinated belt can add a subtle, detail and dimension to your look. Belts are an amazing accessory that can help you showcase your individual tastes, personality, preference and flair they also help keep your pants up. But making sure that you choose a belt that's appropriate stylish and coordinated properly is essential.
So today we're going over how to pick the best belt

#1 Difference Between Casual and Dress Belts

Difference Between Casual and Dress Belts

Tip number one know the difference if you do nothing else and hear nothing else from this blog understand this there is a difference between casual and dress belts and there is a simple rule of thumb to help figure it out. Check it out dress belt is essentially the length of your thumb to the first knuckle. 
Belt With Thumb
Seriously use your thumb . Knowing the difference between a casual and dress belt if you stick to the thumb rule for those of you mathematical types that equates to an inch and a half. If it's wider than that first knuckle chances are you've got really stubby thumbs or it's a casual belt. Alright simple rule of thumb it all boils down to the shoes that you're choosing alright because say you're wearing jeans you're thinking jeans are casual but if you're dressing them up with a pair of dress shoes then you need a dress belt.  Guys make sure the shoes coordinate to the belt in terms of dress level

#2 Belt Buckles


Tip number two is all about the buckle go simple, go subtle, go understated. I know you can, I know you're like what about the big monster blinged out leave those to the dudes who can pull them off which are Cowboys and rock stars. Guys like you guys like me we go simple and subtle. 

#3 Stick to These Belt Colors

black brown and tan
Tip number three is stick to the three main colors; black, brown and tan. The bright bold, loud belts work in certain situations and on certain people alright. I know that I get a lot of emails from dudes like "what about I wear this white belt with" and I'm like "nothing unless you're a golfer, golfers look great in white belts" the exception however is in fabric belts fabric belts are really designed to be a little bit brighter a lot of times and you can get away with being a little bit more playful with fabric belts because of the casual nature. But dress belts the three main ones black, brown and tan.

#4 Never Go Wrong by Matching Your Belt Color to Your Shoes


Tip number four, you will never go wrong by matching your belt color to your shoes. The deal is though a lot of shoes nowadays actually have some distressing or antiquing on the toe. And so what I've really been diggin is actually to choose a belt that picks up the darker shade or the lighter shade all right? Because the shoes are essentially two different colors or two different shades of brown and so choosing a belt that complements one of those colors is a great way to go. But if you're wearing a casual fabric belt then you can just coordinated to your outfit. You can even make it clash, to be honest because the colorful casual belts are a great way to add some pop, some color, some pizzazz to your casual outfits.

#5 Buy The Proper Belt Size
Buy The Proper Size belt

Tip number five is buy the proper size, and the proper size essentially is one size larger than your waist size. So if you're wearing a 32, you buy a 34 inch belt, if you're wearing 34 inch pants a 36 inch belt it makes sense right? Now you're like alright so I can get it in one of the holes does this mean that it's the right size. Well here's the deal all right belts usually have at least five different holes, the holes you want to aim for are the Center three, alright if you're wearing it the  center hole its the perfect one. 

#6 Wear Leather Belt

Wear Leather belt

Tip number six is wear leather alright unless you're going with the casual belt that 
is fabric there is no other option. It should be leather. Alright, synthetic belts suck! Now when I say leather you probably think of this a cow leather. Well ninety percent of the belt that you're going to see guys wearing and that are available in stores are made from cow or tanned cowhide. But interesting fact is that leather doesn't mean just cow it's really any animal skin that has been tanned and processed. To more exotic leather option that you may be interested in are; crocodile, eel, ostrich, shark, hippo and tiger! I'm kidding you can't actually wear tiger due to the whole endangered species things. 
Gentlemen belts they are a necessary evil, it holds your pants up they finish an outfit off and they're a great accessory to showcase your individual style personal preference and taste.

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