How to Style and Wear Basics for Men's Streetwear Fashion

Styling Basics for Men Streetwear Fashion

What's up guys? In this article you're gonna learn how to rock the simplest but still look stylish. Wearing is now streetwear and just men's fashion in general right now really leaning towards that "less is more" type of aesthetic.

Color Blocking

Color Blocking

First thing I like to do with wearing basic stuff is just color blocking. So color locking is key if you're not going to be wearing any special pieces that draw attention. But to keep that fit still flowing you really got to focus on the outfit as a whole. So color blocking would make for a great way to do so. Your bread and butter though is a white top with black jeans, the easiest color combo to pull off and then you can move on and see what works  for you from there this keeps your foot very contrasted and well put together  but don't overdo it with colors that are too flashy as that kind of defeats the purpose of simplicity in the first place. Great color combo for the summer in my opinion would be a nice white t-shirt with some light wash denim. But try some out and see what works for your body as different skin tones can go for different color contrast. 


Flare Streetwear

Next thing I like to do personally the state tasteful is add some Flair. By Flair I don't really mean tie-dye or some crazy all-over print at PacSun or something. By Flair I really mean minor details that change the mood of it. A great example of adding Flair would be like instead of just rocking some regular light washed denim maybe look into a distressed pair to add that extra one in look. Doing this make your outfit less boring and it adds personality to the fit. Great way of maximizing your minimalistic pieces without going overboard. But just like color blocking don't take adding Flair too far a good amount of this dress is great but adding distressing to every single piece in your fit might be taking it a little bit too far. Make sure that if you're going to add some flair to  your fit keep in mind what you want to fit as a whole to look and not just the individual pieces.

Streetwear Accessories

Streetwear Accesories

Last but not least I really want to get into accessories see this is a very underrated part of basic fits because they really can add a lot of flavor to your outfit. Accessories really could be the part  that makes your outfit "your outfit". So accessories for me range from hats to  bracelets and in this part of your fit you can honestly do whatever you feel looks good on you. Funky rings aren't really in right now but if you think you can pull them off just go for it. I don't really lock anything but a nice watch maybe or a bracelet or two depending on how I feel. So that's just my personal opinion on what I want to put on myself accessories wise. I don't really wear hats anymore what if you do feel like you look good in them nobody's going to stop you. So don't underestimate the small things because accessories really go a long way.


So to wrap all this stuff up right now less is more and that's that. Rocking basics is one thing and being basic is another. So you got to make sure you're able to rock them  basics without being basic. So basically I look into color blocking first as it's key and pulling off your fit together it makes your fit more appealing as a whole so you don't have to wear any loud pieces to look good. Next is to add some flare add a little fire though not some Ric Flair. Flair adds personality to your outfit and it keeps your fit alive. Small  things add up though so don't overdo with distressing or extra zippers and stuff think of it like styling your wig maybe adding a little arrow here and there going for that track look but going too overboard can end up making you look like that riced out Civic that nobody likes. Great example of adding Flair is getting a pair of distressed denim over a regular pair so you get  that extra worn in look without doing too much to your outfit as a whole. Last but definitely not least is accessories. Accessories add that finishing touch to your outfit try to find out what looks good on you because everybody has different skin tone and body shapes I find a nice watch tends to go with  everything so start there and work your way up if needed. 
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