How To Wear and Style a White Hoodie- 3 Outfits With A White Hoodie

How To Wear and Style a White Hoodie

The white hoodie not your typical piece of casual wear, but one that certainly shouldn't be overlooked. Today I'll be showing you three different ways to style the white hoodie.

Slim Fit Hoodie Style

Let's get into it before we get into the oven there's one thing you must know when buying the white hoodie the first thing being  the fit you want to make sure that it is fitted towards your body and then it is not big baggy and heavy. One way you can do this is when you're trying on your hoodie take two sizes. Take your regular size you wear and size down you can get away with sizing down in hoodies because They are meant to be a bit more baggy and loose. However you size that you may find a fitted however. If it's too tight then don't size down now for the first outfit I'm going athletic super casual yet stylish for this outfit. I'm wearing a pair of grey fitted joggers.
I'm matching them with the white hoodie of course and a great pair of white fabric sneakers, this is a great outfit if you're with friends or you're running to the gym, It's just very casual comfortable and yet stylish it wasn't too bad.

Casual Hoodie Style

We can do a lot better we're gonna step this up to outfit number two now for outfit number two I'm going with a bit more casual look again I'm gonna go with a light pair of distressed denim jeans and I'm gonna throw in a pair of chelsea boots over and with my white hoodie now this is more if you're gonna go run Errands just to be comfortable yet stylish because who says could just can't be stylish.

Bomber + White Hoodie Mashup Style 

Outfit number three a bomber jacket the white sneaker black denim jeans so for this look it is gonna be obviously for a much colder thing, but this is the most Dressy you can get with a white hoodie I'm throwing on a burgundy bomber jacket very light distressed black jeans and again I'm bringing back the white fabric sneaker just cuz they look amazing with the hoodie. You could throw in a nice watch with this outfit gets on a great pair of lesson. This is great If you're just going out to grab drinks or just hanging out and grabbing a quick bite to eat three ways to style the white hoodie. It's simple, elegant, totally works
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