How to Wear Cargo Pants Streetwear Men Fashion 2019

How to style Cargo Pants in the 2019 Streetwear Trends

How to style Cargo Pants in the 2019 Streetwear Trends
What up fellas, today it is your day to go pick up your weapon put on your helmet because we are going to war with these fcuk bois uh! I'm just kidding we aren't doing that today i'ma show you guys how to style the cargo pants. So speaking of war cargo pants were worn by the American military in the 1940s. They're just regular pants with pockets on the sides usually above the knees and they were originally designed to hold ammo and gear. Nowadays it has made his way into 
fashion going from trendy back to back to trendy again because of the modern twist. 

Dive into the Cargo Pants

Dive into the Cargo Pants

Let's talk about what to look out for. So there are a ton of different types of cargo spur Sinhalese. I Like the ones that keep it subtle and have its own touches to the military aesthetic. So there are some with unique drawstring, straps, differents design pockets they flaunt your zippers in different areas and much much more some of them are cut like skinny jeans and some of them are baggy but tapered down for a modern look I like both. My favorite ones are the utility looking cargos these touch base in both the military aesthetic and the tech wear aesthetic and it is just fireman and so now let's talk about how to rock them. 

How to Style Cargo Pants

How to Style Cargo Pants

Typically it depends on the cut but with cargoes you want to rock your top with more of an oversized look. It just doesn't look right to me wearing a fitted shirt and some baggy cargos now if the cargoes are scheming then that's a totally different story. But if you're like me you really dig the tech we're looking with tech we're 
usually everything is oversized. Rolling with the oversized look the great thing about it is that with your fit it gradually tapers down to show off the sneaker. Like I 
said earlier cargoes are really heavily involved in tech wear so you're gonna want to roll with runners. Now let's just keep it safe because most cards that I have are joggers and what looks great with joggers are low top sinkers typically runners however this does not limit your options man I personally like to wear the Air Jordan ones with my cargos. I don't know there's just something about it Jordan ones and cargos go together like Airpods and rich people. Another great way you can show off your kicks is wearing long socks. This allows you to even more seamlessly transition you're fit to wear all the ladies look at your kicks. It's my favorite way to do it because you can do a subtle flex by rocking a pair of off-white size whatever you feeling man but don't ever wear adidas socks with your Nike kicks. Thing that you've wearing one of my favorite things that's training right now our crossbody and sling bags. Again most cargo pants really give off that military tech wear vibes that utility looks so you're gonna want to double down on that the cargo pockets are meant for holding and what else allows you to hold extra exactly crossbody bags man love it or hate it bro these joints are actually useful as hell bro. I keep all my things in here keys, wallet MetroCard, my air pods, some gum and this will never get stolen because it stays stuck onto my body. If there was one accessory that goes to cargos it is definitely the crossbody bag. 

Color Blocking on Cargo Pants

Last but not least with all aspects of your outfit focus on your color blocking. You guys already know that color blocking is one of the most  important things to compose a fire fit so just keep it simple you really want to focus on contrasting colors and contrasting tones. Contrasting colors refers to opposite sides of the color wheel and contrasting tones basically just means light or dark. There are other ways like the monochrome look which is basically all black or all cream you 
guys get the points. So for me with these camel cargos they have a bunch of tints of green and the opposite of green is red so I can decide to wear a table with hints of red or I can rock a pair of red kicks like the bread once. If I'm going to wear my black heart goes well I'm going to rock with the all-black tech wear look and because of that we want to focus on showing off my kicks. If I'm not gonna do the all-black look I'm just gonna rock a simple pair of kicks with a contrasting top. Likewise with lighter cargos focus on a contrasting pair of sneakers or top.
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