How To Wear & Choose The Right Color For Your Skin Tone

You see boys much like choosing the right haircut for your head shape choosing the right color for your skin complexion well it's easier said than done we'll make you look more attractive we'll make your skin glow and overall your hue it's just gonna be balance let's hop into it 

Skin Color and Clothing


Okay so before we hop into exactly what colors you need to wear obviously you need to run a test and see what skin color you are now this can be easily done by just looking at your form now if for some reason that test it's too hard and you can't figure out if you're pale medium or dark. Easy thing you can do is even download an app it's completely free it's called instakuler you can download it and basically what you do is you take a picture of your skin tone color once you do that can show you your skin color.

First Type of Skin

White skin shirt clothing color choose

Number one to start with our pale friend now my friends if you're a milky color guy with light-colored hair and fair skin well then you're gonna want to wear the exact opposite of that. Now I know it sounds a little counterintuitive but it works. Some good example of these curves that pale guys should be wearing are deep rich blues deep or dark greens, your Burgundy's or your dark gray. On the other hand you're going to want to avoid the opposite of that avoid colors that are too pale or too light that closely resemble your skin. The problem with this is that it will just take you look pasty, it'll blend too closely to your skin that's gonna just wash you out and make you look a bit awkward. So some colors you probably would want to avoid are your whites or your rosy pink or your beige or your lavender or your stone, these are too light and again we'll just wash out your skin. Now I know this might seem a little bit complicated or like you're putting too much effort into dressing well but that's what it takes, this is why celebrities always look so much better than us. This information that I'm giving to you right now is what professional style is used. 

Second Type of Skin

Now let's move on to the second type of guy which is the medium or olive colored guy now if you got a warm medium color skin almost cappuccino color then my friend you are lucky not only do you get tanner and sexier with the Sun versus looking like a tomato like your pale friends do you also look good in almost every color. You've been blessed however like anything else in life you can always over achieve and choose the absolute best colors that suit your skin even if all the other colors do look good on you already, for example colors are a little bit richer and darker suit the medium skin complexion perfectly. So your navy and your black your beige even something strong and bright like a magenta look amazing on you. Now like I said almost every color looks good on you so there isn't much to avoid but just like the first tip there are colors that might not look as good on you which you might want to avoid so you can look on your a-game every single dayç For example guys with this medium type of skin tone you we have undertones of yellow and green underneath. Meaning these are two colors you might want to avoid because they are so similar to your skin again they'll blend too closely which is just gonna be weird on the eyes when people look at you and also might wash you out a bit. 

Third Type of Skin

Dark skin shirt clothing color choose

And finally the third type of guy are dark colored guys. Now dark color guys just like olive tend to look really good in almost every type of color and I would say even more so than all the other skin tones just because they never run the risk of being or looking like they're washed out. However you do want to be careful with this to the point that you don't look like a clown or like a walking street light when you wear something bold always remember to mellow it out with the rest of your outfit to make sure everything looks balanced. As for what to avoid probably the only color you should avoid is the color brown, since your skin is already so dark and probably very closely resembles brown, it'll be too close and too almost matchy-matchy that that it won't be pleasant or aesthetic on the eyes and again it'll just blend out in and kind of look unnatural and unbalanced, so definitely avoid the color brown.
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