What is Oversized and How to wear it? ( Streetwear )


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Hello guys today I'm gonna teach you how to style comfy Klout also I'm gonna give you all some tips on how to look good in oversized clothing. I's super easy but it does a lot for your wardrobe. So oversized clothing has gotten popular over the past couple years and I don't know who to credit but I wouldn't be surprised that some dude just randomly put on the wrong size shirt in the mirror and went "oh shit this is gonna hot what the fuck"

What How With Streetwear Oversized Wearing

Okay I'll break it down into three things and they're gonna be what
how and with as in what it is how to style it and what goes good with it.

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What is Oversized

What is Oversized ? Oversized Models

I'm gonna start with what. Okay so oversized clothing is like it's dates it's just oversized clothes alright? Thanks for reading the blog guys...


It's usually seen in comfier items like sweaters and t-shirts this is due to how they look relaxed and create a good flow for your fit it's never a bad idea to go a little bigger on sweatshirts and hoodies anyways.


How Oversized

Next up we got how. 
it's a little more complicated than getting a size up at the store guys okay! Not really... but you know I'm gonna give you some tips on how to make it look better anyway! So one thing I find to make the most out of your oversized fit is proportion example is like you're gonna have an oversized sweater. I like to pair it with some slim pants this is so even though your fit has that relaxed vibe, you don't look like a marshmallow.

Oversized Style Streetwear Skinny pants

We're going for clout here not cloud but in a way the sliminess of the bottoms kind of evens out the oversize this of the top also rolling or cuffing your sleeves keeps your fit proportionate as well this is so your arms are visible to even out the oversize this of the top. For shirts I tend to stick around the drape your pieces rather than boxy a good example is just like a basic besides the up shirt versus a boxy cut shirt the size up seems more natural you don't want to look like you're trying too hard and that goes for everything sometimes getting a size up is really all it takes to make up it can be styled from that athleisure style that's very popular right now all the way to that SLP style vintage pieces are always good for the look they're usually a bigger cut anyways so it's very natural I mean it's either people were rocking the look back then or people were thicker for color I usually
go for the one tone I feel patterns and rints maybe a little too loud since the garment is gonna be a bit big anyways so sticking to one color is never a bad move now if your sizes sold out or anything you know just get a size up and rock it

over some big supreme hoodie it's an oversized big baked pudding.


With Oversized

Oversized T-shirt Tee and hoodie Models Streetwear

Lastly I'm gonna tell you what goes good with some oversized clothes like I stated earlier I like to roll my sleeves so a good way to make the most out of that is to accessorize a good watch hashtag plug a hat and maybe even some nice socks to throw on on your fit you don't have to do very extravagant things to make your fit stand out sometimes it lies in the small things like rings or a watch snapping a fat supreme box logo all your sweater doesn't make you captain clout oversized clothing itself isn't very loud yeah it's a very good way to stay stylish work with the small things and make the most out of what you have all right so to wrap this up pay attention to proportions and make sure you make the most out of the small things in life I mean accessorize what am i doing okay thanks for reading the blog guys.

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