Should You Buy Expensive Hype Clothes ?

Does Hype Gears Deserve Their Prices?


What's up guys? Do you know why you don't need to have all these hype brands that you can still live a happy life without giving into whatever is stacking likes like hotcakes on Instagram. So I'm rigging down in three things and they're gonna be; conformity, money and illusions. So yeah let's go.
Streetwear Expensive Brands Clothes


Okay so starting off with conformity I mean if everyone gives in to the hype and gets the same things y'all just look the same.
Expensive Streetwear Products
It's like that scene in wall-e where all the fat people are flowing around in chairs but then instead of fuckin chairs magine people floating around in fat supreme shirts. Everyone ends up looking the same when you lose your sense of  individuality.
"Fashion is a means of expressing yourself" but keyword is "yourself" your own self. if you try to wear biker jackets and chelsea boots by all means steal my girl on the back of your motorcycle but make sure she wears a helmet. You're still into zipper pants and long line teeth that's totally fine! Just make sure you go to church every Sunday. What I'm trying to say is regardless of what's quote hot you shouldn't have to  conform with what's trending even within the looks I just stated there was a time  where that was the hype shit and everyone was hopping on it. If you're still into that look you shouldn't have  to change now just because it's not the latest baekpa lab you get the point. Why get a supreme pizza when all you like is cheese. I fuck with cheese pizza I don't see the fucking you don't need all this extra shit when all you really like is the basic stuff. I wear black pants all the time I'm basic as fuck.


Streetwear Black Basic Outfit Model

There are a lot of different brands that produces high quality products with affordable prices instead of supreme. Your money can be going to other places  that  can actually benefit your life. Things like cool equipments for your hobbies. 
spending quality time with friends, better food, household supplies you get the fucking point there are better ways to spend your hard-earned Money or in some cases your parents hard earned money. I'd rather spend $1,000 on memories as opposed to one pair of shoes.  


Lastly we got illusions and by this I mean the hype is not fucking real everyone like the Yeezys until they became available. All proving there's no actual tangible value coming from these products other than the quite hype.
Yeezy Price Demand Graphic Hype Shoes
The show code to somebody somebody come over assistance man with all this ain't my hold on I'm healthy it's a cool hobby now for sure I'd be lying if I wasn't  into it a little bit but don't bend over backwards for something that you don't actually find interesting outside of the approval of 14-year olds. Fashion is only as value was you wanted to be so don't think you can't dress out here just because you can't afford the most expensive or most exclusive piece. I don't really have anything hype and I never feel the need to buy anything I've either my wardrobe literally consists of oversized graphic tees and black pants first shoes I wear white bands almost every day. Okay so thanks for reading the article guys and hopefully I've cleared  some of your stress and ease your mind on what's dropping next for supreme.
Why Hype Expensive Brands So Expensive
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