Colors have always been an indispensable part of our lives. The color of the clothes and shoes we wear depends on our mood all the time. We even have an endless list of shoes because we cannot combine some shoes with everything. It is an undeniable fact that colors have an effect on the characters. Let's get some color then!

After the New York, London, Paris and Milan fashion weeks were over, the Pantone Color Institute had fully announced the winter colors of 2021. One of the most important mottos on the podiums was "timelessness". What is this timelessness? As we mentioned above, instead of pieces that cannot be worn with everything, they can be worn all the time, that is, "timeless" pieces.

We have adapted the colors that stand out in their new collections of fashion giants, which are leading the fashion, during the world's leading fashion weeks, and the 2021 Winter Color Trends determined by the Pantone Color Institute. Let's take a look!


1- Pantone 12-0713 Almond Oil


The new off-white and beige color of Almond Oil, described as the luminous neutral color of New York Fashion Week and dethroned the pure white. Pantone describes this color as "tasteful, smooth and subtle." It is a color that makes you feel as if you are wearing pure silk with its closeness to rich tones that are generally preferred and the clean image it makes. As for shoes, we know that it is difficult and risky to carry but also stylish and elite. When choosing shoes, we recommend that you give beiges and dirty whites a chance instead of basic white color.


2- Pantone 19-4024 Dress Blues


Dress Blue, which is an official color that is generally integrated with military areas and marine theme, appears as a "neutral" color. It was one of the colors that designers used and trusted a lot in 2020. It will be a shoe color choice that will be the number one candidate in shoe tonnage for those who are timeless and never want to leave their work to chance.
All high end and standard brands have produced and designed a lot of men's shoes this year. It was a brand that attracted our attention the most. Vans embroidered Dress Blue on almost all of her designs and loved it very much. We loved it too!



3- Pantone 17-1349 Exuberance


This warm orange color, which has red in its undertones and is the favorite of London Fashion Week, became one of the colors we will see in all designs in 2021. Pantone describes this color as "a positive and energetic color that gives a vibrant and happy message". Although it is not phosphoric, it is necessary to admit that it is a border color that is a bit difficult to combine. Be you, don't be surprised by our shoe recommendations!


4- Ultimate Gray 17-5104 -Illuminating Yellow 13-0647


The Color Institute, which explains the color of not only winter but the whole year, explained that gray and yellow are the marriage of colors that give a permanent and uplifting power and a message of hope. WOW! Director Leatrice Eiseman said that this first move should not be considered too much after 2020. What shall we say right?
“The choice of two independent colors emphasizes how the different elements come together to express a message of strength and hope that is both enduring and uplifting, conveying the idea that this is not one color or one person, but more than one. With a durable Ultimate Gray. The combination of the vibrant yellow; Illuminator expresses a message of positivity that is boldly supported. ”“Practical and rock solid but also warm and optimistic, this is a combination of colors that gives us flexibility and hope. Very important. "




6- Pantone 17-1562 Mandarin Red

This warm and dynamic red tone, defined as "provocative" by Pantone, has a vibrant and wild line with its strong orange undertones, but it is a royal color that stands alone against other colors. You will either love this color or hate it.
Remember that the color red is one of the shades that always go with us. We will continue to see red in every aspect of our lives, but Mandarin Red offers us the provocative and seductive color of red. You should not forget to combine well. A combination article will come soon. Stay tuned!

Puma States MII Mandarin Red


7- Pantone 14-4214 Powder Blue


This color, which evokes the sky, nature and innocence, is a great color candidate for those who will set foot in calm walks and important parties. We have no doubt that it will be the number one choice for those who want to be more sophisticated and eye-catching.

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