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Everything About Streetwear Accesories

Streetwear Accessories How to style

So I think accessories are very underrated but I feel like they do a lot for your outfit. Notice all these it's like branded tees or hype tees but small things add up and accessories are the best way to your basic ass Instagram fits and gets likes they deserve and likes they make you cool (joke).
I'll break it down in three things and they're gonna be what are the best accessories, how to style them and to  where to get them, yeah easy! 

What are the Best  Accessories

What are the Best  Accessories

Let's go now what are the best accessories everyone's entitled to their own opinion but this is my channel and it's all about self-love because if you don't love yourself how are you supposed to love others?
I like rings, I like to wear rings all time because adds a nice accent to your fit. Everybody has to wear shirt and pants and shoes you got you can't be naked but you don't have to wear rings, but since you don't have to wear rings it really separates you from the crowd and gives you your own sense of style and individuality. In an area where a lot of people overlook also when you get into a fight! 
And watches! I love watches they tell you the time like when you want to know what time it is just look at your watch and then BAM! Right there excuse you to realize you don't actually know how to read adult  people time so then you know you can check your phone. After that and then I'm pretty sure that every phone has a clock on their lock screen - very super  convenient!
Streetwear Watches
so really it's a great way of expressing yourself through different styles of watches. I'm sure there's a watch for any fit that you'd like.
Leather; You're probably class
Divers watch; Probably a bit sporty
Apple watch; it's just like having air pods on your wrist
Other accessory I like to use all the time is like shoulder bags. Like I have this one that I wear all the damn time but it just really makes it easy to accessorize since I don't have too many things to choose from. I pick my favorites from each section and they almost always go well together.
What are the Best  Accessories Bag

How to Style Streetwear Accessories

How to Style Streetwear  Accessories

Next up we got how to style them. Starting with rings I usually just fill up my hand I only have silverware right now this one kind of has a gold accent but for the most part it's just one color everything silver mainly so I just don't have to think about it.
Sometimes I'll spread them out but for the most part it's the same rotation of rings since I know they all go well together there's no like real rule here so it really just depends on your style.
Roller Bag Streetwear
Roller bags works best and relative to the outfit more of a techy sporty outfit good sling bag works all the time. Vintage, old-school outfit, fanny pack or like a pouch thing you know I don't know what this is properly called but it works. Really ties in the fit and creates a uniform it also is just really convenient.

Where to Buy Streetwear Accessories

Where to Buy Streetwear Accessories

Lastly we got where you need an ebay. Chains; ebay other rings probably; eBay, Amazon some of the best accessories like Newretro.Net (visit it you will love what you see also affordable.) I've found have been on eBay and Amazon you don't have to get name brand on accessories because first of all they're so small you can't even tell the brands. Second it gives you a chance to try things you never knew you'd like since they're so cheap anyways. These day I still buy rings from eBay. Attention to detail is key but "don't overthink the small things, small things being accessories Newretro.Net" main stainless steel ring.
Okay so thanks reading acrticle and hopefully this helped you accessorize better!

Please visit Newretro.Net for more!

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