Streetwear and Hip Hop History

Hip Hop Influence on Streetwear

Street clothing and Hip Hop history, from the 90s until today have grown together.
The history of Streetwear and Hip-hop culture dates back to the beginning of the 80s. Adidas tracksuit, plenty of white T-shirts and bandanas. Young people on the streets of the Bronx were dressed in Streetwear style, even though they were not named. Until the beginning of the 90s street clothing was not the way we know it today. At the time Supreme was in a small store in New York and now it is the world's largest and most famous street wear brand. This is a trip that is really appreciated.



Can Streetwear Get so Popular Without Hip Hop ?

Do you think that these great developments in Streetwear could have been experienced without a hiphop culture?
Short Answer: No!

Long answer: Hiphop is not just a music style. This is a way of life and a headrest. In the 90's, Hiphop was adopted not only by the poor people living in ghetto, but also by the high-income section of skateboarders and surfers. For this reason, people chose to reflect their music styles to their clothing style to show that Hip-Hop is not just a genre of music. As a result, the Streetwear style emerged. After that, streetwear and hip hop turned into two friends walking hand in hand.

It is important to know that Hip-Hop did not start the style of Streetwear. The beginning of the Streetwear style dates back 40 years. Hip Hop culture started in the 1980s. But as we said before, the Streetwear style has made its main rise thanks to Hip Hop.


Rappers and Streetwear

Rappers appear to have moved toward becoming eminences in streetwear now as they keep on making patterns and lead the wave. This isn't to recommend that streetwear would totally go into disrepair without the help from rappers, however they do go about as quickening agents of pattern development and they are indispensable, though rather ostensibly. So to answer our inquiry, would the historical backdrop of streetwear be the equivalent without the Hip Hop association? Presumably not.


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