Streetwear and Luxury Fashion

Was Streetwear Always Expensive?

The Streetwear was an inexpensive style that growing in the 80s with hip hop culture. At that time, people were using second-hand clothes when they were going to dress for streetwear style. They often used not too expensive shoes such as Reebok, Adidas...

So is this the same today?

Not really.

Nowadays, with the increase in revenues of the representatives of Hip-Hop culture, the money they spend on clothing has increased. Parallel to this, the range of streetwear and the income and income levels that it addressed also varied. The representatives of Hip-Hop culture now prefer High Class products instead of medium-level products. With this change, the streetwear style has become a real luxury. Instead of the $ 75 Reebok shoe, $ 595 Saint Laurent is now called streetwear.

But this is not always the case. Young people on the streets of Los Angeles still keep the old school streetwear style alive. We can call it "a revolt against capitalism" because they are trying to keep the true streetwear style alive.

So what do we think?

In our opinion, streetwear is a style of clothing that reflects the hip-hop and street culture. This style is not a sign of status but a way of life. A person wearing a $ 70 Stüssy sweatshirt with someone wearing a Givenchy sweatshirt worth $ 790 has the same value in our eyes. Because they both represent a style. Even the cheaper way to dressed streetwear is more valuable to us. Because they don't see this style as just a showcase, but instead it's a way of life.

Streetwear is a taste that a lot of young people share because it shows most of the time creativity and freedom which is exactly what young people want to be free and creative!

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