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Daily Life and Popular Culture in the 1980s

American Life in the 80s   The 1980s were an exciting time for Americans. Many new types of technology and forms of entertainment were emerging. What were some of these new items? What was daily life like in the 1980s? Families in the 80s The American family was changing in the 1980s. Many families felt a need to increase their disposable income, and as a result, more and more women continued entering the workforce. Additionally, broken marriages were becoming more commonplace with divorce rates reaching their peak in the latter half of the 1970s and remaining high throughout the 1980s. Also, many women were choosing to remain single and pursue professional careers. As a result, single parent families became a...

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7 Reasons Why '80s Was Better

Living in '80s Of course, we are on the whole tired of the wistfulness trips, the '80s and '90s subject gatherings, and the unending yakkity yak about how extraordinary it was THEN and the amount it sucks NOW. Like, whatever, isn't that so? There are such a large number of wonderful things about the world we live in today: the extraordinary access to data, the advancements in innovation, and the manner in which we can impart for no cash to anybody, anyplace on the planet. Presently is a great time to be alive, at the same time, you know, the 80s had something to offer as well, regardless of whether there is no chance to get in hellfire you could...

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Retro Ads Designed for Modern Technologies

In recent years, the retrowave has begun to outweigh itself. From this point of view, markets such as music and illustration were affected alot. As Newretro.Net we are doing everything we can to make this retrowave so popular again. But what would be the ads of famous social media and websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube If they would do their advertisements Retro wave?   A group of designers were looking for answers to these questions as completely free.  Some of the works in the list have been completely designed from the beginning, and some of them have been created by editing the real ads.   Social Media Facebook Skype Twitter YouTube Video Game Consoles GameBoy Advance SP Guitar Hero...

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