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6 Futuristic, Synthwave, Retrowave Games

There are Some Good Futuristic Games! Here we go; COD: Infinite Warfare – Zombies in Spaceland Zombies in Spaceland is a DLC of « Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare » accessible since November 2016. It's basically the new « Zombie mode » of the last Call of Duty yet with a Retro 80 soul. The story is an appearance to thump out the most walkers (reference to Walking Dead) as conceivable under a 80s soundtrack with a retro-cutting edge realistic character since it occur in a fascination named « Spaceland ». The player is anticipated into an entertainment mecca under cutting edge view where we can discover zombies masked as comedians, rides as spaceships, a lively dancefloor and some more....

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10 Most Listened Songs in the 80's

HERES MOST LISTENED SONGS IN THE '80'S 1- Billie Jean - Michael Jackson   2- Sledgehammer - Peter Gabriel   3- Like a Prayer - Madonna     4- Jump - Van Halen     5- Take on Me - a-ha       6- Def Leppard - Photograph       7- The Police - Every Breath You Take   8- Michael Jackson - Thriller      9- Guns N' Roses - Welcome To The Jungle       10- Duran Duran - Hungry like the Wolf

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