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The History of Synthwave

Do you remember the 80's? The era of roller skates, VHS and Walkman cassette, the golden age of neon’s, synths and future. The 80’s were an era when we used to fantasize a lot about the future. From the dystopian post-apocalyptic vision of the future to the high-tech utopian fantasy, the 80’s were like a draft of the  present. The Legend of Synthwave The nostalgia of that spirit led, at the beginning of the 2000s, to the appearance of a new kind of electronic music that goes by the name of Synthwave. A new kind of music ? Well, not completely. That’s why today we go back, to the future! You may have noticed there’s a lot of nostalgia going...

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Who is Power Glove ( Band ) ?

A Talented Band: Power Glove Power Glove are an Australian electronic music and synthwave pair from Melbourne, Victoria, named after the Nintendo Power Glove. They gave the soundtrack to the 1980s-impacted retro-advanced computer game, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (April 2013). The soundtrack was met with basic approval. Power Glove were shaped in Melbourne as the electronic music, synthwave pair (under pen names) Michael Biehn and Michael Dudikoff.[3] in all actuality, the couple comprises of siblings Jarome and Joel Harmsworth.   Power Glove's Journey The couple's music increased across the board consideration with the track "Seekers" included in the 2011 Canadian autonomous film, Hobo with a Shotgun and the track "Retribution" was utilized in the 2012 film, The ABCs of Death....

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How To Make Synthwave Music ?

Guide to Make Synthwave Music   You can also watch this video instead of reading the entire article:   Drums - Snare A. Structure Tip: Play on the second and fourth beats (Half Notes). Include a periodic invert catch sample hit. B. Sound Design Discover a catch with a great deal of low-mid body. In the studio, this was accomplished by utilizing two mics (one best and one base) with the base mic being the most intense, both EQ'd by cutting the mids, and after that packed. For included tonality, utilize a white/pink clamor through an entered door in parallel, to expand the catch sound. At first sent to a short/little room reverb with a high-cut on it alongside early...

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