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Daily Life and Popular Culture in the 1980s

American Life in the 80s   The 1980s were an exciting time for Americans. Many new types of technology and forms of entertainment were emerging. What were some of these new items? What was daily life like in the 1980s? Families in the 80s The American family was changing in the 1980s. Many families felt a need to increase their disposable income, and as a result, more and more women continued entering the workforce. Additionally, broken marriages were becoming more commonplace with divorce rates reaching their peak in the latter half of the 1970s and remaining high throughout the 1980s. Also, many women were choosing to remain single and pursue professional careers. As a result, single parent families became a...

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The History of Synthwave

Do you remember the 80's? The era of roller skates, VHS and Walkman cassette, the golden age of neon’s, synths and future. The 80’s were an era when we used to fantasize a lot about the future. From the dystopian post-apocalyptic vision of the future to the high-tech utopian fantasy, the 80’s were like a draft of the  present. The Legend of Synthwave The nostalgia of that spirit led, at the beginning of the 2000s, to the appearance of a new kind of electronic music that goes by the name of Synthwave. A new kind of music ? Well, not completely. That’s why today we go back, to the future! You may have noticed there’s a lot of nostalgia going...

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10 Best Retro Motorcycles

Retro Motorcycles Legend Returning in time is simple, you simply require the correct machine. Getting a retro cruiser, regardless of whether utilized or just intended to be a bit of the past, is an approach to associate with the historical backdrop of the hoard. A conspicuous new Ninja or a sparkly Desmosedici may be fun, however they all mix together before long, though a bistro racer or a 1940 German activity finish with sidecar is a proliferation deserving of illustration appreciating looks. Old bikes. They're a pleasant thought – great looks, loosened up execution and undemanding innovation – yet actually very prone to be a perpetual swearathon of cleaned knuckles and void bank adjusts as you invest more energy settling...

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