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Why is Streetwear so Expensive?

Is Streetwear Really Expensive? In fact, Streetwear is not expensive at all. However, the concepts of expensive people may vary depending on the earnings. Therefore, let's put this aside.     Why is Streetwear Actually Cheap? For example, an elegant streetwear combination can be made for $ 50. However, if you want to be much more luxurious, you may have to give $ 1500 or more for the same look.  In fact, giving high sums to Streetwear is completely against the logic of streetwear. Because the output source of streetwear current; Street artists in California and New York.     Celebrities and What They Wear   On the photo: Kendall Jenner wearing streetwear. Skinny Jeans run in cost from $28...

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How to wear Streetwear ?

Wear Streetwear Streetwear is an unusual and complex monster. From one viewpoint, it's dispensable, unpleasant and regularly unflattering. On the other, Supreme – the skate mark that James Jebbia propelled in the nineties – is currently a billion-dollar behemoth. It teams up with Louis Vuitton and, on the off chance that you trust the gossip process, even has a connection up with Rolex pending. It's no craze, either. In spite of the fact that conceived 50 years back in Californian surf culture, streetwear didn't genuinely explode until the noughties, when the primary skate blast (thank you, Tony Hawk) and hip-bounce's diagram strength turned an age onto loose pants and realistic tees. Today, that age is hitting adulthood legitimate. What's more,...

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