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What is Vaporwave - Eveything About Genre and History

What Makes Something Vaporwave, It's History and What is Called Vaporwave I remember it was about two years ago that I was first introduced to Vaporwave, it was an off chance click, a small little tap of the finger, and because of that I saw something that made me say to myself with ideals of grandeur comparable to those of the colonists for the first time coming into contact with the Native Americans. After reading the blog by the essayist behind This Exists I remember first listening to that one song that everyone knows but just refers to as Macintosh Plus 420. I thought it was pretty shit. I remember listening to Blank Banshee's album with a picture of Laura...

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What's the Difference Between Vaporwave and Synthwave ( Outrun )

Vaporwave vs. Synthwave (Outrun) and Difference Across this large space of Online retro art, we often have two distinct genres on one hand Outrun and on the other Vaporwave but as you can see on r/vaporwave aesthetics and r/Outrun, it can be hard to tell the difference. Once there was peace in the online communities of r/vaporwave aesthetics and r/outrun, but as time passed these new recruits entered the fold, the lines between  these two genres became more and more unstable. These green recruits couldn't really tell the difference between the outrun and  vaporwave aesthetics leading to confusion in the communities. It's a dark time when posts as this gets tagged as Vaporwave  Something like this Is called outrun.  But...

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