The Perfect Retrowave Game: Retro Drive Revamped - A Synthwave Saga

Gear up, nostalgia aficionados and retro rebels! The digital streets of Retropolis are calling, and it's time to answer with a turbocharged trip down memory lane., your one-stop-shop for all things gloriously '80s, is teaming up with the wizards of wave, Retro Drive Studio, for a collaboration that's sure to set your neon hearts ablaze. So, buckle up as we take a joyride through their latest creation, "Retro Drive Revamped" – the game that's revving up to be the talk of the town.


Release Date: (TBC)

March 1st 2024 (PC)

July 1st 2024 (Switch)


Steam PC/Mac/Linux

Nintendo Switch

Who's Behind the Wheel? Meet Retro Drive Studio

Based in the heart of Essex, UK, Retro Drive Studio isn't just a game developer; they're time-travelers, transporting us back to the era of big hair and even bigger beats. With their roots deep in the neon-soaked soil of synthwave and retrowave, they're the perfect co-pilots for our retro rendezvous.

The Retro Drive Revamped Experience: What's Under the Hood?

Launching March 1st, 2024 on PC and cruising onto the Nintendo Switch by July 1st, "Retro Drive Revamped" isn't just a game; it's a cultural reset. Here's why you'll want to grab the wheel:

1. Thrilling Mechanics: Imagine dodging obstacles and outpacing the fuzz, all synced to a synthwave beat. It's not just about driving; it's about surviving with style.

2. Progress and Prestige: Rack up those stars, folks! Every race is a step in an engrossing storyline that tests your skills and keeps you coming back for more.

3. Custom Rides: It's not just about getting from A to B; it's about doing it in style. Earn points, unlock cars, and make a statement on the streets.

4. A Narrative That Nostalgia Dreams Of: Relive the '80s through the eyes of a college kid on a quest. It's a story drenched in pop culture, cinematic throwbacks, and that sweet, sweet new wave zest.

5. A Soundtrack That Defines a Generation: Featuring legends like New Arcades and Neon Nox, this is more than a playlist; it's a time capsule.



Regular Price: (TBC)

USD 6.99 - 14.99

EUR 5.99 - 13.99

GBP 4.99 - 12.99

Why This Collaboration Rocks and Retro Drive Studio are like peanut butter and jelly, Batman and Robin, synthesizers and neon lights – a match made in retro heaven. By embedding our logos in this pixel-perfect paradise, we're not just promoting a brand; we're championing a lifestyle.

The Synthwave Community Buzz

Don't just take our word for it. Industry voices like Jamie Depledge of BestNerdLife and Dominic L of TheSixAxis are already singing praises about the game's vibe, soundtrack, and addictiveness. It's a retrowave revolution, and you're invited.

What This Means for You

As a fan of, this collaboration is more than a game launch; it's an extension of the lifestyle we live and love. Expect exclusive merch, cross-promotions, and a shared community space where neon never fades.

Join the Retro Revolution

Ready to be part of something bigger than just a game? Keep your engines idling and your browsers locked on and Retro Drive Studio's social media for updates, sneak peeks, and more. Remember, in the world of "Retro Drive Revamped," the past isn't just history – it's the future.



Retro Drive Revamped Announcement Trailer


Compilation of streamers


Let's Talk Business

For the business-minded, Retro Drive Studio's open approach to content monetization means there's room for everyone to get a piece of the retro pie. Think streaming, think content creation, think big.

Retro Drive Studio allows for the contents of Retro Drive Revamped ©2024 to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Retro Drive Revamped ©2024 is legally & explicitly allowed by Retro Drive Studio. This permission can be found in writing at

Stay Connected

Follow the journey of "Retro Drive Revamped" on their official website and through their social channels. Don't just play the game; be part of its story.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, "Retro Drive Revamped" isn't just a game; it's a testament to the enduring appeal of the '80s, a celebration of synthwave culture, and a collaboration that embodies the spirit of both and Retro Drive Studio. So, get ready to hit the neon-lit streets of Retropolis – where every turn is a throwback and every soundtrack is a journey back in time.

Keep it retro, keep it rad. – Your Passport to the Past.

Retro Drive Revamped Credits


Joe Coggins

Creative Dude (Director)


Marco Matascioli

Point dexter (CTO/CEO)


William Edwards

Delivery Boy (Developer)


Cadan Sukai

BookWorm (Narrative Designer)


Samus Voks

Time traveller (UI/UX)


Yeseul Lee

Cat Lover (Concept Artist)

Nadya Angelova

Rare Unicorn (Art Support)

Hiroki Saito

Jiu Jitsu Kid (Designer)



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