Tommy Vercetti and GTA's impact in Retrowave Culture

Who is Tommy Vercetti?

Tommy Vercetti is the main character in the popular video game series Grand Theft Auto. He is a tough Italian-American mobster who has just been released from prison. He is sent to Vice City, a fictional city based on Miami, to help his boss, Sonny Forelli, expand the Forelli crime family's operations there. However, things quickly go wrong and Tommy finds himself on his own, trying to survive in a city full of dangerous criminals and corrupt officials.

GTA's impact in Retrowave Culture

Grand Theft Auto has had a huge impact on popular culture, especially in the realm of music. The game series has featured an eclectic mix of music genres over the years, from rock and pop to hip hop and electronic. This has helped to introduce many people to new and different types of music that they might not have otherwise heard.

One of the most iconic aspects of Grand Theft Auto is its use of licensed music. The games have featured some of the biggest hits from across the decades, giving players the chance to listen to their favourite songs while cruising around virtual cities. This has led to some memorable moments, such as when players hear ‘You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)’ by Dead or Alive while driving a convertible through Vice City in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

The games have also been responsible for introducing many people to classic tracks that they might not have otherwise heard. For example, ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ by Coolio was included in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and helped to introduce the song to a whole new generation of fans.

The use of licensed music in Grand Theft Auto games has led to some controversy over the years. Some artists have objected to their songs being used in the games due to their violent or sexual content. However, many others have embraced the exposure that being featured in a Grand Theft Auto game can bring.

In recent years, retrowave has become increasingly popular thanks in part to its association with Grand Theft Auto. Retrowave is a genre of electronic music that takes its inspiration from the sounds of 1980s pop culture, including movies, video games and TV shows. The style often features synthesizers and drum machines which create an nostalgic atmosphere reminiscent of that decade.

Grand Theft Auto V was released in 2013 and featured an extensive soundtrack with over 150 songs across 11 radio stations. The game included several retrowave tracks, helping to raise awareness of the genre among gamers and non-gamers alike. One of the most popular songs from the game was ‘Nightcall’ by Kavinsky, which was used in one of the trailer videos for GTA V.

Since then, retrowave has continued to grow in popularity and there are now numerous artists creating this type of music. Thanks to its association with Grand Theft Auto, retrowave has been able reach a wider audience than ever before and it looks set to continue growing in popularity in the years ahead.



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