Why GTA Vice City is the Best Game Ever?


1- He was the best: Tommy Vercetti

Who remembers his Hawaiian t-shirt with palm pattern? Tommy; The hero of our unlawful works. Oh and if he would knew swimming, everything would be better.

2- Inviting escort girl to car

And killing her when you're done, to get the money back.

3- Attempt to reach the highest wanted level

If there was cops, we had cheats. If you were in big trouble and you don't know how to get rid of it, what you should do was obvious. LEAVEMEALONE!

4- Malibu Club Massacre

The most suitable place to test your new weapon. Oh and we will not talk about the dance moves of the Club people.

5- Being a Taxi Driver

Sometimes you can get tired of killing people and stealing their money. At such times you can drive a taxi to feel better.

6- Being an ambulance driver

Another way to feel free. drive an ambulance to carry a patient to the hospital, on the other hand you crush a lot of people in the street. How accurate is this ?

7- Finishing Construction / Helicopter Mission

Oh, that mission. My God. I'm sure this mission was making you crazy. Do you think we can do it if we'd try again now?

8- Wrong Place, Wrong Time Passwords


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  • Trey

    Vice City, imma let you finish, but San Andreas is the best video game of all time!

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