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How to style Activewear and What to Wear at the GYM

What's up you guys, today all we're going to be talking about is athletic gym wear. I'm going to show you guys what you need for when you go to the gym so I was really in my closet the other day and I looked at my gym wear section which is basically just a drawer and it was almost sad, like it was nowhere near the level of my stylish closet or my going-out clothes. It was just not thought out properly. So I  actually went shopping I bought a bunch of things I made a list of things that I needed, things that I needed to improve on and because of that I'm bringing to  you guys a whole article on things that I think you need at a gym. These are things that are going to make you more comfortable at the gym which hopefully is going to help you produce better results and also just make you look better. More athletic accentuate your body better so when you step into the gym you look great. So let's get into it. 


How to style Activewear and What to Wear at the GYM Shirts

The first thing you're going to need good pair of shirts. So shirts obviously one of the first things you're going to eat and what you see me wearing right here are something that I'm absolutely in love with lately. The first tip that I'm going to give you with shorts shirts is that don't go for cotton shirts or especially like those Nike just do it concerts they're expensive they shrink and on top of that when you're training they get drenched. So it's the worst you want to get a performance fabric shirt and what I like about that is the stretchy material really contours your body and accentuates your muscles. 



the second thing a good sports watch. Now you could go with something like a heartrate monitor or an Apple watch if you already have that then you're fine but if you don't those options are usually 100 plus and for a sports watch that you're going to be beating around and training you want something cheap something that you're not going to be thinking about and somebody's going to help you perform.  So in reality all you'll really need at in a sports watch if you're not monitoring your heart rate is some sort of stopwatch or chronograph and maybe even an alarm if you have one. Because that's going to help you time out workout so let's say you're going to go to gym you have 30 minutes boom you're gonna go in there  work as hard as you can when that alarm goes off you're out the gym. I also do a  lot of time training so I'm always looking at my times trying to improve on them so having a wot a sports watch that's a beater that's tough and that has these features is great.


What is Activewear and How to Properly Style it - GYM Streetwear Shorts

Number three versatile shorts. Now most guys here would go to either Nike or Under Armour and just go for like regular basketball shorts me personally I'm a huge fan of Reebok. I think they produce really great stuff when it comes to training and what I picked up are these speed wick shorts. Now these shorts are freaking amazing when it comes to that whole wicking away moisture also they're really good reasonably priced on around $30 I think and then on top of that I really like the cut up on them it's pretty high so it gives you really good mobility, they're not skin tight so again it adds to that mobility when you're doing any type of training. 


The fourth one joggers now I've been slowly inching and kind of just falling in love with Taylor sweatpants lately. In the right scenario of course because they just look great. They make you look stylish and they're functional you know the colder months are coming you're not going to be going to the gym in shorts, you're going to be freezing so picking up yourself some tailored sweatpants are probably the 
best way to go I freaking love them for that and on top of that you got the 
added benefit that if you want to go into that whole athleisure trend which I 
talked all about that already, these are option to do that. So you can wear them 
outside the gym like I said in the right scenario so casual chores if you're going to the supermarket, something like that. That's very casual you can definitely just throw on a pair of joggers or tailored sweatpants and you're going to look pretty cool. So these sweatpants that you see right now the green one is from Reebok that I have, the black ones are from Morrill which I talked about and then the blue ones that you see are from boohoo Mane's.

Compression Clothing


Finally we have compression clothing in particular compression pants so this one  I'm going to call it the bonus I've been using this for about one to two weeks now because I just wanted to give it a try see what my personal thoughts are and really to tell you I think they make you look cool, they make you look more athletic and I think that kind of gives you a placebo effect and makes you train better. Now the reason I'm saying that is because there's a lot of claims out there that compression clothing helps you perform better. Even athletes like Dwyane Wade or Robert Griffin claim that you know compression clothing either helps them avoid injuries or makes them faster and all this stuff so I was kind of curious myself so I picked up some compression pants and like I said I really can't tell you if it helps me perform better. What I can't tell you is that it makes me feel better,  I like how they look, I feel more athletic and therefore I think it's like a placebo effect and you might train better, you might push yourself harder so is that a bonus? I would say maybe yeah. So if you've been curious of compression clothing go ahead and give them a shot honestly I personally love them and I  think I'm going to be picking up some more. 
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