What is Techwear and Why Techwear is so Hype ?

it's a significant improvement over the original watchdogs in nearly every way. So what's up my watch dogs today we're gonna do a playthrough let's play gameplay of watchdogs in real life ball on the realtek where has been taking the street where seen by storm and it's really just killing it right now.

Everything about TECHWEAR

Let's get started, imma break it down into three things and they're gonna be design, exposure and brands and that's it's pretty straight forward.

Techwear Design

Techwear Models and Outfits

we're gonna go with design first so the designs getting a lot of hype because for one it's actually tasteful. A lot of fashion is just recycled and refreshed trends from the past but tech wear seems to be a pretty new take on things. It's very weird and complicated at first but give you time you know when I first started playing watchdog it was like definitely very complicated but like after a while I really liked it.

Basic rundown of the aesthetic is just tactical / functional wear lots of straps zippers because you never know what you might need when you got from a helicopter! But the little details really make the look though it seems a bit unnecessary at times like you're never gonna need this many pockets I mean you might need them when you're running out of pocket space because how many numbers are getting. Usually consists of an anorak or just a jacket with some windbreaker material tapered cargo pants and either combat boots or runners.

Techwear Exposure

Techwear Outfits 2019 Models

Next we got exposure by this I don't mean making it mainstream but I mean more and more people are hopping on it so that it's becoming less and less niche. A lot of different people with different creative styles are hopping on it which is making it seem more diverse. Since this is the case it's becoming acceptable to the street where a scene and it's diversifying the aesthetic since everyone's adding their own hints of fashion sense to the look. Not only does this make everyone more aware but it's really manifesting its way in street wear in general (plus you should get hella likes on Instagram so you trying to be famous you already know what to wear). Before the looks seem very outcast to the norm so it wasn't very attractive to the casual street wear dude you know it's like that thing where you don't want to do it. On the real something gaining exposure in popularity doesn't necessarily make it a bad thing. A good example is like fort night and I know a lot of people playing this. But ever since this show blew up everyone's been on it and it's really made it seem more fun because not only are you playing it but all your friends are on it as well so it makes the game that much more interesting same thing with fashion. When there's a bigger community there are many more perspectives which makes something that much cooler.

Techwear Brands

Techwear Brands Top 2019 New

We got brands and as stated before a lot of people are really taking inspiration from the look and in turn so are the brands names like Adidas Nike and even H&M. They don't even have to specifically cater to it but there are definitely hints of the aesthetic on pieces that they carry. Other than techwear were being carried by big commercialized brands there are names that primarily designed for it most popular like acronym guerilla group and even Nike ACG. Like anything in life though more clout equals more money. So don't expect any invisibility cloaks for some chump change. But to meet the demand there are a lot of smaller brands hopping on it to add to the tech or a bloom of 2019. Since it'll be easily accessible there are more opportunities to making your own. Things are only as hype as you make them out to be. So unless you really like it and find a way to make it yours it's not hype to you it doesn't have to be. Meaning in the end the reason why techwear is so hype is... it's because of you!

Techwear Outfits Streetwear

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