Who is Betamaxx ?

Who is Betamaxx ?

Betamaxx is a 80's synth recovery venture by Nick Morey, hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania U.S.A. The task was framed in mid 2012 with the arrival of "Lost Formats" LP in late September of that year.

The name "Betamaxx" was created from Sony's "Betamax" film player which equaled VHS in the early-mid 80's, at last losing the organization war. Betamaxx's sound is motivated and made with an utilization of simple and computerized equipment synths from the 80's and today including the Roland Juno-60, Sequential Circuits Prophet-6 and, Korg's M1 workstation. Consolidating these sounds in light of a soundtrack motivation, Betamaxx has made a neo retro-future sound like any semblance of John Hughes, and John Carpenter. He has been highlighted on such works at the "Kung Fury" official soundtrack, and the Amazon prime arrangement "Red Oaks". His most outstanding remix was Tangerine Dream's "Affection on a Real Train" from the "Unsafe Business" soundtrack.​




  • End of Aquarius (2017)

  • Lost In Symmetry (2016)

  • In Your Love (2015)

  • Beyond The Blue (2014)

  • The Irrelevance of Space & Time (2013)

  • Electric Love (2013)



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