Who is Lazerhawk ?

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Lazerhawk otherwise known as Garrett Hays originates from the United States (Austin, Texas) and he's a standout amongst the most popular makers of Synthwave Music. He's a mainstay of the eminent Label named Rosso Corsa Records, nearby legends like Mitch Murder and Miami Night 1984.


Who is Lazerhawk

'00s Lazerhawk

In the late 2000s, he started to communicate his music on Myspace yet it was the arrangement Masters of the Universe that activated everything. This enabled him to create his first Chillwave collection named Redline in 2010. His electronic music, in view of sonorities originating from the 80s, has enchanted the fanatics of Kavinsky and Valerie Collective.


Lazer Hawk Album


The beguiling songs propelled by the best of Science Fiction and Horror motion pictures of bygone era, rhythmics and guitar reviewing arrangement of our youth, yet the majority of this with a bit of innovation and current sounds. With Visitors, discharged in 2012, he went to Space Disco, Outrun and Dreamwave styles. Garrett guaranteed the way that we can make some great music without having a major hardware, now and then only a PC and great emulators could be sufficient. In 2013 the collection « Skull and Shark » marked an extremely dull come back to a Darksynth course, particularly with the structure of the cover. Some extremely great tracks enlighten this LP with a RSW inclination for « Fight To The Top » which we tune in circle.


Here's  Redline Full Album - Lazerhawk

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