Why is Streetwear so Expensive?

Is Streetwear Really Expensive?

In fact, Streetwear is not expensive at all. However, the concepts of expensive people may vary depending on the earnings. Therefore, let's put this aside.



Why is Streetwear Actually Cheap?

For example, an elegant streetwear combination can be made for $ 50. However, if you want to be much more luxurious, you may have to give $ 1500 or more for the same look.  In fact, giving high sums to Streetwear is completely against the logic of streetwear. Because the output source of streetwear current; Street artists in California and New York.



Celebrities and What They Wear


On the photo: Kendall Jenner wearing streetwear. Skinny Jeans run in cost from $28 (Gloria Vanderbilt) to brands like Rag and Bone at $225. A whole outfit like this can keep running as low as $70 USD if planner brands aren't obtained. Usually people pay hundreds of dollars for a simple logo.


That eliteness is the thing that drives the costs up to fantastic dimensions. The way that you need it however you can't have it, just makes you need it more. The way of life these days directs that the higher the sticker price, the better the quality must be, yet that is not generally true. Individuals are happy to spend fiscally devastating costs since they realize that they're paying for something other individuals can't bear to have. It's an announcement truly, and not on the grounds that it's about the brand's history or legacy esteem.



What Does All This Mean?


As a result, if you are earning high sums, you don't mind buying really expensive products. Gucci Pants, Supreme Jackets, Dolce & Gabbana Sun Glasses. But if you don't make enough money to cover them, I'm sure you can create the same look with the clothes you get from H & M.


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