Why You Need Hats and Caps ? Streetwear Hats and Caps Fashion Trends

Hats and Caps for Streetwear Mens Fashion

I really think hats play a major maker brake role in your fits for sure. It's one of those things where it's like you never noticed how good you had it till it's gone. But I'm gonna break the video down in three things and they're gonna be style, versatility and value. 
So yeah let's dive into this:

Hat Styles

Style it's simple, there's a type of hat for any look and I mean any. Casual, dapper, techwear:

Why You Need Hats and Caps ? Streetwear Hats and Caps Fashion Trends

Your overall style is gonna change over time as things always do but there's always a hat for an aesthetic. It's very understated because humans are born with a natural hats and it's called hair. Hat, It's on top of your head so it's literally the first thing you see. Example if you're talking to a hot girl she's primarily gonna look at your face and your face is definitely complimented if you have a nice hat that's gonna accent or complement your fit. Depending on the shape there's a different hat for every face shape but a good rule of thumb is to go with the shape of your face instead of trying to compensate for it. So if youre not handsome with a personality to match you're gonna need all the help you can get I'm telling you hats bro, why do you think I wear hats all the time. If you're more into casual streetwear there's the dad hat or the camp cap they fit perfectly. If you're into more sporty stuff a dad hat or this one's kind of coming back in the trucker hat. I've been wearing these a lot personally as I really like the material combo but I'm seeing a lot of high-end brands do this now so I can definitely see them coming back.
I know the tip I have is to try and not mix graphics, if you have a graphic shirt don't counter it with a graphic hat. Istead you can offer a script in one that's just words or you know you could even just don't do it, just rock it plain but there's room for hats in any style and you should be open to it.

Hat Versatility 

Next up we got versatility there's not much that can go with as many outfits as a black hat. Being common doesn't make it bad there's a reason everyone wears black hats, they look good. I know at one point in your life your mom has asked you "so if your friends jump off the cliff..." and  the right answer "If they jump with black hat yeh!" but yeah I usually just keep a couple black hats I rotate between makes my life easier knowing that my hats are gonna match with whatever fit. Also that to everyone has bad hair day. Some people just have bad hair. But I can't count how many times I just want to leave my house as fast as I could for whatever reason whether I be late for a work or school, no time to do my hair and I'm not about to pull up looking like so then I have that basic hat on deck. Convenience is key and hats make it easier to live life life.


Lastly we got value. Most hats are around the twenty to thirty dollar range. If you add premium add-ons like toppings forty to fifty but that's the standard for most part unless it's like you know high end or something. But there's no difference they do the same thing there's no reason to go high-end on something that does the same thing as your regular one. Sometimes I wish I could take my own advice but it doesn't work all the time (I bought a really expensive hat a week ago).
But the value you're getting for your money on hats isp robably the most bang for your buck you're gonna get in streetwear plus when the sun's in your eye don't be squinting at me I got a hat bro! Sun does no damage me. Thats all! I hope you like the blog. 
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