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Retro-Looking Smart Watch 1984 - Newretro.Net

Retro-Looking Smart Watch 1984

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 Do you enjoy having nostalgic items in your life? Unfortunately, retro products cannot meet the demands of the modern age. However, this watch both meets the need for a retro look and can do everything that modern smartwatches can do. Connect it with your mobile phone now and dive into the retro technology! Take control of your entire life with your retro-looking smart wristwatch! Thanks to the weather indicator, you will never get wet in surprise rains. You won't miss an incoming phone call while doing an important job. Your watch will follow your heart rhythm, remind you of important dates, calculate the calories you have burned during the day, and while doing all these, you will be able to control all your music with one button.


Smart Watch Information

CPU: HS6621

Display: 0.96inch

Resolution: 80*160px

Battery: 170mAh

Charging: Magnetic charging

Standby time: Up to 30 days

Using time: Up to 10 days

Waterproof: IP68 waterproof

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0

APP: Fit Cloud Pro

Support: iOS 8.0 Android 4.4 and above

Button: Don't support touch on the screen, only single button work