2019 Summer Streetwear Mens Fashion - What to Wear in the Summer

2019 Summer Trends for Men

2019 Mens streetwear bottoms

What's up sweaty shorties this is Newretro.Net and we about to kill the trends out now, because it's hot outside and it's only gonna get hotter so you know I got some tips for you to keep your fits cool. Guys I'm rigging down into three things and they're gonna be good old tops, bottoms and shoes but.


2019 Mens streetwear summer tops trends

So your tops are gonna be the first thing people see so keep that in mind it's so important guys; airflow is the real key, because when the Sun is cooking you and you are sweating on  your clothes. Make sure you're chillin in the lightweight and/or flowing material.
Light Colors
Because you need to stay as cool as you  can. Also this is another cheat code using lighter colors keeps you cooler as well because light colors absorb less heat therefore you don't retain the sunlight so your outfit can have more figurative heat. As cool as layering is trust me I want to layer so bad but that's a big no-no in the summer. Because your clothes will get wet either.


Next up we got bottoms like an old wise man (Probably not that old he's only like 25 or something) said cuff the jeans cuff the girls, door works every time not the cuffing girls part but cuffing your jeans is a really good way to induce air flow to your legs. 
Cuffing Pants 2019 summer
Keep the crotch cool in 2019 Huff jeans and no-show socks is a big summer mood so take advantage of its sun's out ankles about baby so get your origami skills out and fold those pants.
Streetwear BOTTOM 2019 summer
Also crop trousers are in - dude you don't even have to cuff your jeans anymore 
(Put that origami away you don't even have to fold your pants). Buying a cross pair or even getting them hemmed yourself is a very big summer vibe so take advantage of what looks good get just get your pants and get the vibe.
If it wasn't obvious enough already shorts are important. But if you pull up in like John Cena's I swear a god I don't even want to see you. 


Lastly we got shoes and nothing like a good low top sneak to contrast these dumb high temps. Three words for you white, canvas, sneakers goes with everything and cheap as hell.

Canvas shoes cheap

Main point a high-top sneaker like the Jordan is like a turtleneck for your ankles bro no reason to wrap up if you can go raw but any...

Streetwear 2019 summer sneakers
Low-cut runner even is perfect because you should take advantage of the good weather and go outside and walk with your friends.

To wrap it up it's hot put your clothes in the refrigerator OK?
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