Best Hairstyles for Mens Streetwear Fashion Trends

Coolest Men's Haircut Trends 2019 for Streetwear Essentials

Hello guys today we are going over probably my favorite subject; hair styles. 2019 is here and you want to start the year off right which means it's time for a fresh cut now should you keep the same style or maybe you want to change it up for the new year, either way trust me we're gonna make sure that you know which style fits your best because I have a list of some sick hairstyles and I'm positive that you're gonna find, at least one that you're gonna love. 

Curly Undercut


First hairstyle that we're gonna go over is the curly undercut. For my dudes out there with the curls don't worry I got you alright! 2019 is your time to shine I've seen so many of these out in the wild here and I'm diggin it you know, it looks really great! There are so many different ways to pull off this look, which makes it very versatile. It keeps it fresh and interesting so you're not gonna get bored of how you look. You can have any type of fade with this cut but it's usually done with a low skin fade. Now your hair should also be falling down kind of like on your forehead a little bit, gives you that distinct, stylish look. Plus you know that girls dig curls, so roll them up and as long as you got a nice fade on the sides, this would definitely make it a fresh cut and look in 2019. 

Messy Long Hair

Best Hairstyles for Mens Streetwear Fashion Trends Messy Long Hair

Hairstyle number two the messy long hair now if you've been thinking about letting your hair grow, this might be the right time. If you've never done it before, I recommend you try it at least once in your life. You know when you see someone that cut their really long hair and now has short hair and you're like blown away by how different they look, well it works both ways. You know what I mean sometimes change is good. You really don't know how you're gonna look until you try it. Alright and I personally let my hair grow at least a few times. Long hair is obviously always trending I see you guys wearing this like all my life really. But this year more and I think it's because Jason Momoa is walking this looking Aquaman, I mean this hairstyle is definitely training right now, I don't know if you've seen I come in yet but his hair looks fire in that movie. Alright it's the perfect time to let your main growth. I'd also recommend  making a little bit messy though the trend is more like this 
Messy Long Hair man
and less like that 
Straight men hair girly
so I would add some waves give it some personality and make it look awesome. And of course if you're gonna have long hair it needs to be healthy.

Killmonger Haircut

Killmonger Haircut

Next up we have the kill monger haircut. If you're wondering what the kill monger cut is, then you probably haven't seen Black Panther yet. This is called the Killmonger because Michael B. Jordan rocks this look as killmonger in black panther and honestly it's just like it a modern locks look where you let the top grow until you can get locks and then you get a nice skin fade on the sides. You can tie them up, you can leave them out, put them to one side or another it looks great either way. Michael B Jordan looked dope in that movie and pulled it off very nicely it definitely gave the haircut a ton of height. 

Textured Quiff


Now a very stylish and still really popular haircut for 2019 is it textured quiff. Which has to be one of the dopest cuts for the year right the classic quick it's cool too but this one just gives more of a cool vibe like modern and edgy and one of the best things about this cut is that you can actually have multiple hairstyles with this haircut. You can kind of just like swipe it to the side, you can do a slicked back look, you can do a short pompadour or of course the classic quick. And you can go either short or medium length for this  one. Which makes it easy because you don't have to wait until your hair grows. It's more low-maintenance which is always a plus because now you can wake up a few minutes later and not have to worry about you know explaining too much time getting your hair to look perfect. 

Swept-back Side Part

Swept-back Side Part famous artist holywood

Another hairstyle for this year swept-back side part. Now this is a great hairstyle for a guy who wants to look good with minimal effort. It's such a classic look you can't go wrong with  this and I think it's like usually the first haircut that a guy gets, when he starts to care a little bit more about himself and wants to look good. I feel like every single one of my guy friends like they've had this cut that's at one point or another it's definitely just a crowd-pleaser. Everyone likes it it's great for college, for work for weddings but also really good in a more casual setting. You can definitely pull off different fades and different links on the side here with this cut. But keep in mind though I have noticed and I think you guys have too that skin fades are slowing down in popularity specifically high fades are being replaced with low fades or even like scissor cut sides for a fuller look. Right, so this looks a little bit fuller because it gives more of that gentleman vibe, which i think is trendy right now. 

Box Braids

Box Braids

The next hairstyle we're gonna go over is the box braids now Travis Scott you guys know him, he's killing it his latest album it's crazy good and sicko mode was not only one of my favorite songs but the big get one of the biggest hits in 2018 so it only makes sense that his hairstyle is becoming more and more popular. This is a really popular hairstyle here in LA I see a lot of guys rocking this. The only thing that kind of sucks is that you gotta let your hair grow a little bit for this one, but then it's long enough then you can play around with it and honestly this is definitely one of the hottest haircuts out right now. So if we think if you're thinking about it, I would jump on it you know I recommend getting a hairstylist who's really experienced in doing this you're gonna make sure that everything is perfectly balanced and you don't want to make them too tight. Because that could actually damage your scalp because it would pull your scalp back. Also a really cool variation of this box braid is the ASAP Rocky hairstyle.  
asap rocky hair style Box Braids
Still rocking the braids but he likes to tie  them together in a bun here in the back which adds even more character and style and changes things up a little bit.

The Buzz Cut

nice buzz cut head cool guy

Next up I couldn't leave this out of course the buzz cut you know it couldn't be missing from this list. The bus cut is just such a classic hairstyle, very masculine and if you think you have the right face for it and trust me you need the right face for this. Then give it a try you, know you should rock it I've had a bus cut before you know a few years ago when I went to military school and I was dreading it at first, but I got used to it and actually kept it after military school as well. So I don't know, I thought it still looks pretty good alright, plus there's no styling there's no hairdryer, no products, no maintenance except a little refresh with the buzzer now and then you know I mean it doesn't get any easier than that.

Textured Fringe Low Taper

Textured Fringe Low Taper

Next on the list alright the textured fringe with a ittle taper this is a really cool style for guys with curly or wavy hair. I know a lot of you are asking me  for styles that were more suitable for your hair types, so you are guys. The cool thing about this one is that you can texture the hair on top a bunch of different ways. Whatever fits you whatever looks good for you know some people have a symmetrical fringe or you can do like a messy fringe that looks pretty dope too. I think that looks even better nowadays and other sides here guys honestly it doesn't matter it's entirely up to you again which makes this haircut really cool, because you can get a low kin fade if that's where you interview, can get a high skin fade if that's really what you like or you can leave even let it grow a little bit longer in the sides kind of like I have it here or even longer if you want for that gentleman vibe. What you have to think about is just your face shape you know what is your face shape and what do you think will make it better. Once you  decide on the length or the sides then you just get a picture of that online bring it to your barber and now you got a fresh new cut for 2019. 
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