How to Asian Streetwear / Japanese and Korean Streetwear Trends 2019

Konnichiwa mina-san today you're going to be able to dress like an Asian. So being exposed to street wear inadvertently exposes you to a lot of culture.

Japanese and Korean Streetwear Trends 2019

Asian Streetwear Map 2019
One of the biggest examples is Asian culture. Streetwear is such a big subculture in Asia there are a lot of people following the trends on Asian street wear. Since it's such a broad topic there's no uniform for the style of dress. There is a split between  the two biggest influence in this style which are Japanese and Korean streetwear. For the most part Japanese street style is more conservative and it's more focused on fit, flow and personal style. Korean street style is very playful and it lies in the eye of the beholder. I'm not even going to lie I like to think of this as the MLG of the street world. Because there tends to be more color and hold on quote weird things because it's more flashy and trendy so really just see what cues you like from each style and make them your own. Okay, first let's get into Japanese subculture Hajime Masha Okay so as I said earlier Japanese street wear is very conservative, very focused on what you like to wear rather than its own uniform. Okay it's like a matter of dress how you like to dress and then you throw some Japanese on it. Here are some examples of what I'm trying to say.
Japanese Streetwear 2019
when I say it's Japanefied the fits are very subtle to the untrained eye but the people immersed in street wear or fashion in general you appreciate their fits more. An example is like subtle flexing, CDG is a great example as most of their pieces are very subtle.

Korean Streetwear

Korean Streetwear 2019

Ok let's get into Korean Streetwear this subculture of Asian street wear is very fun and very MLG. So unlike a Japanese street style Korean Street style really follows a lot of  their music K- Pop as you probably heard is a very big thing in Korea the costumes and clothes that the artists wear heavily influenced what's trending and examples like Jerry Lorenzo even though he's not in the music industry whatever he wears really trans heavy around the world so here are some examples of Korean street wear.

How to Asian Streetwear / Japanese and Korean Streetwear Trends 2019
influences my main tip for this style is to have fun and try some new stuff out step out of your comfort zone for a bit and get lit try out what im trying to say. But yeah seriously just try some new things and pick out what you like. I like a couple of İnspiration albums in the down below courtesy of so  that you can find what kind of things you'd like to try. 

Chillout and Relax

Japanese Korean Streetwear Men Trends

Last thing I'd like to say about they want unlike all you flex boys in America and whatnot street wear in Japan and Korea isn't a competition like I swear 99% of the time all of you guys out here criticizing people's fits and stuff man like calm down for a little bit just let them dress. It's not like you're winning anything when you flex hard of course it's nice to flex every once in a while but it should not be to the Point where you're putting people down because of it. Then it's just no fun for anybody just find what you like to wear and do that  nobody's telling you not to some things might look better on others then they look on you and vice versa but nobody should be stopping you from wearing what you want.
Okay main thing Asian street culture isn't very over critical that's why you see more exotic fits in Japan or Korea it's due to the culture where unlike most places in the Western Hemisphere not everything as a competition. There are better things to worry about than the way some pants fit on some guy treat where is another way to express yourself so just do it and if some guys judging you just step on them.

Singer Asian Korean Japanese Streetwear K-pop 2019
All right so to wrap things up Asian street culture is really split into two Japanese and Korean Japanese is more conservative and calm it's more filter to your usual fits rather than a uniform so you can dress how you want but add a little Japanese influence through cues you pick up looking at inspiration albums or immersing yourself in their culture. Korean Street where is more keeping up with the trends and slowly adding what you like to your arsenal k-pop artists are usually the people who set the trends as a lot of people look up to their style and taste don't take things too seriously in this branch of street whereas you really have to try new things and step out of your comfort zone to find what you like.
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