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How to Wear Pants for Streetwear in 2019 ?

Streetwear Pants in 2019 and How to Style them ? What up fellas it's Newretro.Net and we are going to talk about pants... they're probably the most important clothing piece in your wardrobe. So we're just gonna hop right into it imma talk about my favorite pants that I like to wear. First up as of the writing of this blog, spring is right around the corner. Warm weather is coming so that means distressed denim is your best friend. Now this can be liar dark denim but it doesn't matter distress denim just adds a completely different look to your outfit each distressed area gives a bit of character and it adds a bit of  edginess to your outfit. However it...

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How to Asian Streetwear / Japanese and Korean Streetwear Trends 2019

Konnichiwa mina-san today you're going to be able to dress like an Asian. So being exposed to street wear inadvertently exposes you to a lot of culture. Japanese and Korean Streetwear Trends 2019 One of the biggest examples is Asian culture. Streetwear is such a big subculture in Asia there are a lot of people following the trends on Asian street wear. Since it's such a broad topic there's no uniform for the style of dress. There is a split between  the two biggest influence in this style which are Japanese and Korean streetwear. For the most part Japanese street style is more conservative and it's more focused on fit, flow and personal style. Korean street style is very playful and...

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Where Did Stussy Brand Get It's Name ? Why ?

Famous Streetwear Brand Stüssy Shawn Stussy was 29 years old in 1979. He was doing surfboard production at Laguna Beach. In order to mark the boards he made, he signed a pencil on the boards, and this signature was the logo of the apparel brand he founded. An Interview in 1993 According to an interview in 1993, he said he didn't know that his t-shirts would be loved so much. Signed t-shirts were actually created to advertise the surfboards he produced.   “So it’s ‘77 and you start hearing the Sex Pistols and after that The Clash, so by late ‘78, ‘79, it’s very much a punk aesthetic that I discovered and got into. So when I went to do...

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